Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix printers

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Dot matrix printerDot matrix printer is the only printer which became so popular in the home as well as business. Dot matrix printer is one of the oldest types of printer. The working of a dot matrix printer is similar to that of traditional typewriter. The mechanism of dot matrix printer is just alike the typewriter. At the head of the dot matrix printers there are pins which hit the ink ribbon and make various types of patterns. Dot matrix printer can be considered as a kind of impact printer as it includes the mechanical impact while printing on the paper. Dot matrix printers are very but most probably it is used retail outlets, ATM, offices and banks.

The dot matrix printer prints out dots on the paper to form an image or text or any kind of font or graphics. An electromagnet or a solenoid makes the head of the pins to drive back and forth. Even though the pin is moving fast enough but still the overall speed of the printing is really slow. Along with that the number of pins in the head is also restricted. Due to this reason, the quality output which dot matrix printer offer is always low in comparison with the other types of printers like laser printer or ink jet printers. But keeping this fact aside, dot matrix printers still have many advantages and that is the reason why it is still widely used.

Advantages of dot matrix printers

  • Dot matrix printers are really less expensive. As they are so cheap it is easy to buy and use.
  • The maintenance cost of dot matrix printer is also low.
  • The cost of printing of dot matrix printer is also low. The price of ink ribbon of dot matrix printer is also less and the lasting time is also high.
  • Dot matrix printers last for a long period of time and it don’t need replacement soon as they are very robust.
  • The ink of dot matrix printers don’t finish up rapidly like ink of other printers do. It gives hint before getting emptied. The quality starts fading slowly and that’s the time when you know you need to refill the ink.
  • Dot matrix printers are very strong and that it is the reason that they can also be used in the rough environment like industrial establishment.

Disadvantages of dot matrix printers

  • The quality that dot matrix printer possesses is very low.
  • Dot matrix printer enables color printing but the quality of that color printing is also low. And due to this low quality issues dot matrix printers are not suitable for many kind of print outs.
  • Dot matrix printer creates a lot of noise while printing and thus it is very annoying and disturbing.
  • The work of handling paper jams is very tedious.
  • The speed of operating dot matrix printers is less when compared to ink jet printer and laser printer.
  • There is possibility of print heads getting damaged due to bending of pins.

Top 5 Wearable Gadgets of 2015

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Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses


The Vuzix M100 Smart glasses were recently featured in CES 2013 whose notion is similar to that of Google glasses. The peculiarity of these glasses is that it pairs with your android smart phone via Bluetooth and comes packed with android 4.0 GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4GB storage. You can launch app from your phone and watch everything displayed on 800*400 pixel screen in front of your eyes on your glasses. It is really a very cool gadget.


Interactive T-shirts

Interactive T-shirts

T-shirts are not something new or trendy but kept into some electronics, with a few AA batteries you got something cool. Turn off your lights and you can have a equalizer dancing around your chest, reacting according to the sounds around you. Isn’t that an amazing gadget? In the variety of interactive shirts we also have the electronic drum kit shirt which makes sound. It has 7 spots that generate sounds when you push down on them. These types of T-shirts are not much expensive as it does not use high tech wizardry. It just has an electronic board which must be removed before hand washing these T-shirts.


Rusty’s Wired Series


Rusty-wired series

Are you tired f earphones which got tangled and acquire space in your pocket? We have brought you with Rusty’s wired earphones. It has come up with a hoody with earphones which doubles as the elastic strings of the hood. In order to plug your music device in, in one of your side pockets, where you keep your music device, there will be a jack to plug in your tunes. One of the important and unique qualities of Rusty’s wired series is that it is Machine washable that means it is waterproof. It is one of the important features of wearable gadgets. You are relaxed from the dreadful task of removing it and fixing it again while washing. Even in the rain you are not in a fear to save it from rain like other gadgets.



Pebble Watch for Smart phones

Pebble Watch

Pebble watch, an amazing watch with incredible facilities for smart phones. Pebble watch is such kind of watch which enables pairing of your I-phone or android phone with your watch through Bluetooth. You are then facilitated to receive push notifications such as Facebook messages and alert for calls and messages and emails. Pebble watch is highly customizable and is great and is of great use in the outdoor. Some of the astounding features are E-paper technology ensures that you don’t need to fuss with the brightness of display, even at jog  you can toggle your music, track your distance and running time, and still receive  your messages alerts. In order to use this, you have to download pebble app into your smart phone but if you are adventurous, there is an SDK of this watch available at their blog.


iwalletTired of using that old wallet? Tired of changing wallet when they worn out? Take a look at the exclusive iWallet which is definitely a game changer. Some of the attractive features of iwallet are it is strong, possess hard casing, has biometric access, and Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth technology helps as a deterrent against thieves which proves that iwallet takes your security way too seriously. One of the important feature of this wallet is that if your iwallet or your phone is too far away from each other, your phone will sound, warning you of a pickpockets wasted attempt or any misplacement by you. This iwallets are available in Carbon Fibre and Aluminium shell.



Advantages Of Wind Energy

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Wind EnergyExtraordinary heating of earth because of burning of fossil fuels have compelled people around the world to generate power from wind. Wind is one of the forms of solar energy and it is created by uneven heating of our atmosphere by the sun, rotation of the earth and irregularities of the surface of the earth. Wind energy is such a form of energy which does not create any toxic emissions such as fossil fuels and give clean source of power. Wind power is popular and it is extensively used in countries like Spain, India, USA, Denmark and Germany. Wind energy is a great source of energy and has its own advantages.

  • Renewable energy

Wind energy is itself a source of renewable energy which means that its production is not limited; it can be produced anytime again and again.  Not like fossil fuels which can be expired at anytime in future years, wind energy has great potential and it can be used to produce free source of energy like solar and hydro. Wind energy is the most pure and cleanest form of renewable energy and it is used by many of the developed and developing nations across the globe to satisfy their need of electricity.

  • Decreases consumption of fossil fuels

Use of fossil fuels can be decreased to a great extent with the usage of wind energy if it is accepted and applied on a large scale in many of the countries of the world. Usage of wind energy can be a great alternative for the increasing demand of petroleum and gas products. It can also reduce our import of fossil fuels from other countries. Apart from these, it is also useful to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases which are major sources of global warming.

  • Reduction in air and water pollution

Wind energy is such a source of pollution which does not spread pollution at all. The existence of wind energy will be till the time of existence of sun. It is not at all harmful to environment as it does not release any kind of toxic gases. Usually you can see wind turbines in the coastal areas or in such areas which open, plain and there are gaps in the mountainous area where you can find wind strong and steady. You have to choose a location which is ideal and gets are regular and constant flow of wind throughout the year. Reduction in pollution in air and water will also reduce the diseases and it will create healthy environment and atmosphere.

  • Modern technology

Wind turbines of today’s time are attractive, classy and modern looking. They don’t look like old times boring old plain chunky windmills which looks very boring on your land. You can get wind turbines in various types, sizes. Many people install wind turbines on their land and get electricity from that. Once installed it is very useful for reducing energy bills along with providing you lots of energy without pollution.

Satellite Broadband Service

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Satellite Broadband ServiceLots of people desire to check out and carryout a little broadband examination. For this they find checking out the internet service of their friends and relatives who have a satellite broadband service. The ones who notice that satellite broadband service is far better than their own current internet service provider they start getting interested in utilizing this service for themselves. Satellite broadband is very much in demand these days where the internet service has become the primary need for performing the businesses.

There is no need of any wired connections as it provides easy solution for meeting the demands of contact market. With the help of antenna the users can enjoy the mutual connection. It is most functional for distant areas. It is accessible throughout the world including ships at sea and also it is available where DSL and cable internet are not obtainable. They not only compass the earth for telephone or television service but also to provide connection for broadband.

The speed might be slower than that of cable modem or DSL but its download speed is much faster and can change depending on weather conditions. Fast browsing, downloads and immediate email access are the advantages of using satellite broadband service. There is no need to dial on your phone or to wait for internet access; satellite service offers you with instantaneous online link.

If they can’t increase their customers they might fall into a big trouble. For this reason they already partnered with the mobile companies to keep themselves alive since they are not in competition for the cable companies now. This summer the satellite companies may reintroduce broadband service. Their main customers will be rural people who are being avoided by the cable or DSL providers.

Thus we can say that they still have a chance to carry on and be able to achieve something in the broadband company.

Common Problems With iPhone

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Problems With iPhoneThe iPhone is no doubt the Apple wonder in the tech scene and it’s the most popular of smartphones around. But, that doesn’t imply that this much coveted gizmo is free from glitches- in fact, many iPhone users have voiced complaints regarding their iphones.

Problem with Wi-Fi connection

This is one of the most common issues stated by iPhone users. According to them, their Apple smartphones are always having issues in connecting to some Wi-Fi networks. At times it just declines to link at all while sometimes there is a big drop in the connection. Many of the users have faced terribly low signal strength even when the phone is just next to the wi-fi router.

Battery woes

A lot of iPhone users also face fast discharge of their phone batteries. Now, this is something really serious as it’s not possible to charge your phone everyday- say when you are out on a tour. The iPhone users are very much in want of a long-lasting battery from Apple.

Problem with maps

Apple’s war with Google isn’t a secret anymore which has led the iPhone to include its own maps in the device, discarding the Google ones. Now, the problem is that the Apple maps are mostly inaccurate and you are getting a very buggy map. Most importantly, most of the premium features of the Google option, that people were so used to-have not found place on the Apple release. This has raised huge concerns among the iPhone users and has even compelled Apple CEO to apologize publicly.

Easily scratched

A lot of Apple users are unhappy that their iPhone has proved to be vulnerable to scratches easily. The anodized aluminum case gets scuffed and scratch really fast, especially near the edges & back panel.

Windows 8: Pros and Cons

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Windows 8 Pros and ConsWith the continuous leap in the technology and all its aspects computers are going to a whole new level. A few years back only we were using the windows 90 software and now there is windows 8 which is in a very huge change in the future on computers. It is very different from windows 7 in a lot of ways and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Any new programmes which are created in today’s time and generation will have the benefit of unlimited space giving technology. The new windows has a start up screen so big that it gives enough space to pin down web pages, contacts and your favourite programmes. Also anything made in today’s time gives another benefit of greater speed too. So does this programme. The icons displayed on the screen are large and that is really good as it helps by giving lesser strain to the eye and also it is easily clickable by laptop track pad or a computer mouse. Full screen windows are a typical component of these windows 8, unlike the older versions on the windows series they do not have a minimise, maximise and a close option making it very difficult to operate and decipher its commands, components and working process sometimes. The good thing with this is that they don’t take up a lot of space and go into a suspended state very soon which means they need not have to be closed.

There are apps like the mail apps, weather apps, calendar apps which usually function on the desktop and come in very handy sometimes. Administrative tools which are extremely useful are all bundled up under one function key in the bottom left corner of windows 8 software. However no playback option for DVD is available in windows 8.

Review of HoneyDru USB car power adaptor

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Review of HoneyDru USBTechnology is reaching such heights that everyday something or the other comes up which is better than its previous versions. Be it mobile phones, camera phones, MP3 players, DVD players, car chargers or anything else; if you have money in your pocket all these things become just a toy to play with and each day you have a new one to entertain yourself with.

If you are a travel loving person and are on the road most of the time then this little cutie pie will obviously be very flattering to you. The all new HoneyDru USB car power adaptor is a brand new gadget in the market right now. It is a cute little thing in the shape of a honey bee with wings, eyes and antennas of which the eyes and antennas light up when the device is plugged into the cigarette light adapter of your car.

In spite of its delicate little structure and a brilliant shape the power it exhibits is beyond any ordinary car power adaptor. The usual adaptors are 0.5 A or 1.0 A chargers whereas this little thing gives out a notable 2.0 A charge. This little HoneyDru is built by the makers of Andru only. Proper charging it is believed can only take place from a good AC output spot, therefore using the standard micro USB cable may not be of a lot of help or as much effective. Another good thing about this little friend is that it comes with a coiled cord which can be elongated to about 3 feet and coiled back to like 8 inches making the gadget more flexible and adaptable at the same time.

The number of gadgets we all use everyday are not always when we leave home in the morning. This is where HoneyDru comes in.

Importance of Website Design for Your Business

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Website Design for BusinessWebsite optimization is very important to enhance the smooth growth of the business online. If you have a website for promoting product, decorate web pages. Online marketing is superseding the conventional hand to hand product exchange method. It is a new way to sell products online. Websites give the platform to people to gather online to buy products. If your websites are poor in design, the rate of web traffic will be very low. Therefore, website designers are hired to optimize e-commerce portals.

For Proper Growth of Business Online –Design Websites

Online viewers are mostly young. A short survey has been done by a group of market analyzers. According to them, almost 99% customers belong to the teenage community. So, the virtual shopping centers attract young generation. Teens, who are very fashionable and stylish and hit websites for shopping. They like to check the colorful websites. They prefer those hi-tech websites which offer excellent marketing options. To increase the web traffic, online traders must add some new features to the website designs. There are few online businesses which need media exposure. Online visitors will rate your websites after being satisfied. The colorful images on the home pages of the websites entice young viewers. Therefore, the top priority needs to be given to the optimization of e-commerce websites. Besides, Google has changed the algorithm for ranking web pages. A website must be transparent with excellent visual panorama. Web pages should have original and plagiarism free data. So, your objective must be focused on the website designs to attract online consumers. Organic website designs are inspiring modern designers to optimize the websites. Recently, theme based website designs are given importance. Therefore, sit down to make plans to rebuild your commercial websites.

Finally, online business stands on the smooth rapport between customers and traders. Online communication must be strengthened enabling young entrepreneurs to expand business rapidly. However, the whole correspondence online depends on the presentation of the websites. Therefore, hire competent web designers for the cosmetic make-up of your virtual shopping portal.

Tips for good smartphone care & maintenance

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smartphone care & maintenanceAre you in love with your current status as a smartphone user? Well, surely smartphones are some of the coolest gadgets around and have earned themselves a grand fan following, thanks to their chic outlook and highly functional features. However, you should know that smartphone gadgets are really vulnerable and hence demands proper care and maintenance for good longevity. The post below is a short note on how to ensure effective care and maintenance for the smartphones.

To start with, you must know that smartphones are designed with a delicate engineering. They are prone to serious damage on any sudden fall. Yes, of course you have to be careful while carrying smartphones but accidental falls can’t ever be predicted- thus the optimum solution here is to get a good smartphone cover for the gadget. Make sure the gadget sits well within the cover so that there is no chance of slip and fall.

The smartphone cover will not only protect the phone on sudden falls but would also guard the expensive device from dirt and dust particles. Remember dirt and dust are two main enemies of smartphone and hence you have to keep in under cover always. It’s better not to eat anything near the smartphones as the small food particles can cause damage to the internal circuit of the device. Further, you must keep your smart gadget away from water. Keep them beyond the reach of little children as well as they obviously are not aware of the proper handling of the phone.

Then, you must be very careful about the battery protection of your smartphone. It’s advised that you keep the phone off for minimum 2 hours a day for effective battery conservation. Then, be cautious not to overcharge the smartphone as it’s really harmful for the battery life.

Top 3 brands of portable DVD player

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portable DVD playerWatching movies is a hobby for many and that is why the concept of portable DVD players has come up. Now you will be able to take your movies anywhere you like and watch them on the go. Given below are the top 3 brands of portable DVD players that you will get in the market:

Philips PET729/37 7- Inch LCD Portable TV/DVD Player– it is one of the lightest portable DVD players in the market weighing only 3 lbs. It has got a screen of seven inch that is big enough to give a clear picture of the movie. This DVD player has got a car adaptor and headphone jacks. The sound system is really good and the remote control is also easy to use. Although the battery backup is not that great lasting up to 3 hours but the AC adapter solves that problem so that there is no interrupted viewing in between the movies.

Sony DVP- fx950 9- inch Portable DVD Player– this is a rather cheap buy but the quality of picture it gives is one of the best. It has a widescreen making the screen look bigger and the resolution is of high definition. It also has an extended battery backup and the speakers provide crystal clear sound. You will be able to swivel the screen that would refrain from your neck getting any kind of strain.

Panasonic DMP-B100 8.9- inch Screen Portable Blu Ray Disc Player– although this is a bit costly than the other two but it has the ability to satisfy your needs when it comes to movies. With an LCD screen that is almost 9 inches wide and the picture quality being of Blu Ray it will give a clear picture. But the main drawback is the battery backup that lasts for just three and a half hours.