Image stabilizer techniques in DC

November 09, 2008  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Digital Cameras, Gadgets, Technology

Digital Camera, TechnologyDigital cameras are hot cakes presently. They have revolutionized the way we see photographic technology. Apart from some wonderful facets involved, Image stabilizer technique makes them worthy of a buy. Yes, face detection, red-eye fix, scene recognition, and various kinds of zooms are a bonus but image stabilization is no pushover either.

So many times, the hands of a photographer shake. We are humans and some of us are fraught with terrible nervous system. This induces a shake or a tremble. Unfortunately, this causes the image to be virtually tarnished. Image stabilizer technique ensures that irrespective of the shake, the eventual pictures come out well composed and perfect in orientation. Among the other facets of present day digicams, Smile Shutter ranks highly. It tells you about a bad smile the moment it sees one and warns you to alter the pose. Today, DC’s can even catch blinks and alarm you prior to a shot.