January 11, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Games, Technology

Technology, PSP, GamesTaking a cue from the ultra renowned play stations, Sony took the game a bit further. They ventured to make it portable and thus PSP got its name: Play Station Portable.

On the face of it, it is a hand held video game console. You may download various games from latest versions of Play Stations and play to your heart’s content. It may even be attached to Blu-ray disc players and the game be played on bigger screens. Only it loses its portable quality then.

It has good internal memory range and external memory micro disc may be put in too. Even without the Blu-ray attachment, it has a good enough screen, clear content and sharp navigation tools. The audio interconnection is also quite curious. This machine is a winner in the non-Nintendo group, a video game special. It might have to come up with better versions though to beat Play Station 3 competition.