Difference between infrared and bluetooth technology

April 12, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Bluetooth

Bluetooth, Infrared, TechnologyInfrared technology is the use of the lesser frequency of light for electronic purposes. It needs the hindsight of touch or nearness. Infrared technology is used mainly in television remotes and low budget mobiles. They work through a processor and sensor and need both to be in plain sight of each other. If that is not done, the technology won’t work. It works even on reflection and mirrors or water provide genuine reflectors for infrared technology. The general distance between the transmitter and receptor needs to be less than 10 meters.

Bluetooth is a device using radio frequency. It works on signals and will wok even if barricaded. If the transmitter and receptor are within 30 feet, there can be an inter-passage of important details like videos or songs. Now, even Bluetooth watches have come into fold. It is quite easy to infer that Bluetooth has a decisive edge over Infrared technology.