What is electronic ink?

October 24, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Technology

Electronic InkElectronic ink is also referred to as E-paper is the latest technology which is used to replace or mimic the paper and ink technology. There are three major components of the electronic ink namely microcapsule, ink and the chips which are present inside the capsule. They are used in the manufacture of digital e-books. The latest technology of electronic ink has many uses. This technology can help readers all over the world to download the e-books online.

This revolutionary technology can also be used in the newspaper industry which may help the readers download the newspaper from the mobile. E-ink and Xerox are two major companies which employ the technology of electronic ink. The major applications of electronic ink include cell phones, digital photo frame, newspapers, e-books, wristwatches, digital school books and displays embedded in smart cards. The major disadvantage of electronic ink is that they have low refresh rate when compared with other technologies.

Types of computer for regular users

October 18, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Computers & Laptops, Technology

Computer, TechnologyComputers are of different types based on utility, type and configuration. There are approximately 5 major different types of computer which are being used in the day to day. A personal computer is the most common computer used by people all over the world. It may operate either in Linux, Mac or windows. Desktop is another form of personal computer which can fit your desk and they are available in various sizes depending on your needs.

Laptops and notebooks are smaller versions of the desktops which may run on external power supply. They are very compact and easy to use when compares to desktop and personal computer. Workstation is another form of computer that has extra memory and capacities to perform special work. Personal digital assistants are also referred to as palmtops which can be used as mobile phones and media player. You can also access the internet in a personal digital assistant computer.

Speed up your pc

October 12, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Computers & Laptops, Softwares

Speed PC, Computer, Is your pc too slow? Then it is the right time now to speed up your pc. All you need to do now is to follow a few simple steps and tips. First important tip is to free your disk storage space in your computer. The performance of your computer will increase when you do so. All you need to do is to empty the recycle bin, delete the temporary files and remove the installed programs in your desktop that you no longer use.

Disk clean up is one the best and easiest way to increase the speed. Installing an anti spyware in your computer is necessary to ensure that your computer is safe and protected. Ready boost system in windows vista will increase the speed of your computer. If you use windows vista then learn all you need to know about the ready boost system. You can easily speed up your computer if you follow the above tips.

How to save money when buying a computer

October 06, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Computers & Laptops

Computer, Technology,You can buy the best computer for yourself at a very low cost if you follow simple steps and tips. First you should understand about the needs and requirements before buying a computer. Most of the computer companies will provide you with extra software and accessories for your computer which may consume most of the money. Hence it is necessary to avoid unwanted software and accessories for your computer.

The most convenient way is to buy a computer online. You can save your time and money by doing so. There are many companies like hp, dell and apple which offers discount to their customers online. You can make use of the opportunity. If you’re a student then you can get the offers and discounts which many companies provide exclusively to students alone. Discounts are also available for pay pal users. If you are a pay pal user then you can surely save money while buying a computer online.

Solar power computers

October 01, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Computers & Laptops, Technology

Solar Computers, TechnologySolar power computers are the latest invention in the field of science and technology. The computers will run with the help of the solar power. Using these kinds of computers can help you save 100-150 watts of power which your desktop consumes normally. This process of using solar energy for computers was initially proved by Lenovo. Solar power computers can help you save lot of money and electricity. All you need to do is to get solar panel for your computer.

You would generally require two to three solar panels to run your computer. You can buy solar panels online in various sites. If you’re smart enough you can even get a solar panel at a low cost. All you need to do is to compare the prices and get the one which suits you well. The solar power panels price generally ranges from 200- 300$.You can even get the solar panels at a lower cost if you are buying a laptop or a desktop along with it.