Natal- hands-free Games Controller From Microsoft

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The gaming sector has had its share of developments but it was never prepared for the Natal Hands free games controller from Microsoft. The technology is geared towards enabling the users control games movies and all other things on their Xbox systems without touching any hardware but by using their hands alone. The technology has a new-style motion sensitive controller system which allows users to direct and control the game by waving it around. The user swings the controller in appropriate motions depending on the games they are playing for example if it is bowling the user swings the controller in a bowling motion.

The Natal hands free games controller relies on 3d cameras, sensors and microphones. The software understands voice commands and captures the motions of the players as well as facial recognition. With this technology, Microsoft aims to get more consumers especially of the older generation while keeping their core consumers. For gamers trying new and creative ways to enjoy their gaming sessions then the Natal Hands-free games controller from Microsoft is the Best choice.

Bio-Molecular Computing

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The idea of molecules that can perform computations is not new rather it is a traditional approach to computation in both theoretical and technological perspectives. Bio-molecular computing has added to our understanding of both biology and computer science. The whole process operates in a natural noisy environment in which computer instruction machinery is embedded. It uses DNA and other biological materials as the basic building blocks for constructing computational machines to solve difficult problems.

Bio-molecular Computing opens the possibility of providing a solution to the future designing computers in terms of construction and efficient computation. It also provides a programmable access to nanosystems and the molecular biology world thus extending the reach of computation. It also uses wider and complex algorithms that run on molecular hardware and open up new models of computation. To top it all it opens computers to a wider range of applications in the manufacturing, diagnostics and control of molecular processes. With all these it increases our understanding of information flow as well as the limitations of computation.

Wideband Sigma Delta PLL Modulator

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Due to the increased challenges faced by wireless transceiver designs such as GPRS and HSCSD has brought about the need to have two major requirements in mobile application. These are efficient utilization of frequency spectrum and fast switching high for data rates. This can be attained by use of Wideband Sigma Delta PLL Modulator which is capable of synthesizing frequencies at channel spacing in less time than the reference frequency.

The Wideband Sigma Delta PLL modulator is based on PLL fractional synthesis techniques and the Sigma-Delta modulation. These techniques randomize fractional N spurs and suppress the Sigma-Delta noise at low frequencies thus allowing for wider bandwidth. The technology eliminates the spurs that generate high tones associated with Fractional-n PLL by randomizing the frequency division ratio. Low power and low area techniques have been used to modify the Sigma Delta technique thus reducing the total power consumption in every operation. By use of this technology, the reference frequency will be increased and in turn this will reduce the PLL’s locking time.


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Microlithography is a technology used in manufacturing semiconductors. It replicates an image pattern from a photomask on to a silicon wafer coated with photoresist (a light sensitive material) the process involves light passing through the photomask and causing the photoresist to be exposed to the wafer thus creating a blueprint for the semiconductor material that will be deposited on it. The semiconductor materials are used to make chips. The same process can be used in creating displays where the blueprint is the photomask which is used for the pixels and for driving transistors o the display glass. This technique is also used in the fabrication of sensors, actuators and biomedical devices.

The process has benefited from the knowledge of organic chemistry and photo-induced organic transformation. Many manufacturers keep in mind some factors while manufacturing these products. Some of them include cleanliness and quality that can meet the requirements of clients worldwide. Uniformity of temperature matters a lot in the whole production as this will determine the features of each unit processes.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

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This server is based on Windows Server 2008 R2 and is designed to enable people to share access to a single host simultaneously. It is specially designed for schools and educational institutions to be used in the classrooms laboratories and libraries. The station is connected to the server via USB and has a mouse, keyboard and monitor. One server with Windows Multipoint 2010 can support up to 10 users at the same time with each controlling their operations independently.

It is the leading product in shared resource computing technologies as it comes with great flexibility to meet the different unique needs of each institution. The teachers can now give students more access to the computers and spend more time teaching. It allows teachers to provide accounts for each student and easily manage them. It has a drag and drop options for files and folders to allow easy access and sharing of the information among students. Updates and patches can also be obtained through the Microsoft window Update.

Skinput- The Human Arm Touchscreen

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Touchscreen gadgets have become popular due to the advantages they come with. There is a recent innovation called skinput that turns the body into a touchscreen interface. It applies the use of series of sensors to determine where the user taps on their arms. It responds to the vibrations on the user’s body. Each part of the body Creates different types of variations depending on the features of the bones, muscle and tendons in that area. The users place an arm band which a skinput sensor uses to know the location where the user has tapped.

Skinput when used with a small projector can generate a menu interface similar to the ones in the electronic gadgets.The tapping of different areas allows users to scroll through menus and select different options. Skinput can also be used without the visual interface to allow users control MP3 players without having to look. Future developments of skinput will be characterized by smaller projectors enough to fit in a writ watch to make it more portable and complete.

Google Cloud Print

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Since a long a time ago, users had to rely on their operating system to print. This usually requires them to install a driver for the printer to be used. This is soon to be a thing of the past since Google has designed a new service to deal with it. Though it is in its early stages of development, Google Cloud print is designed to enable computer users to print any application either web, desktop or mobile on any printer without any problem.

With Google cloud print users will no longer rely on their local Operating system and drivers to print. The will use the application to submit and manage print jobs. The application then sends the print job containing the options selected by the user to the appropriate printer. The advantage of this is that it accepts custom print options as well as the simple print dialog. It can also be available for third part users once the APIs are available.

Tracking your emails With Mail

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E-mails are personal information that should not be accessed by people. There are people who still get hold of other people’s mails and start going through them.

One of the ways in which a person can use to track their emails is the “read receipt”. This one is the most commonly used method in which a confirmation message is sent to the recipient who then can choose to say whether they received the message or not. This is however not substantial because a person may choose not to answer.

The other email tracking system requires a person to have a server. This system works for most e-mail systems. When a person sends a message to any other person, it is indicated on the server inclusive of date and time. It is however good to have a separate page to store this information and leave it not tampered with. The good thing about this system is the fact that a recipient of a particular message will not know that they are being tracked.

CRM Software System

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A CRM system stands for customer Relationship Manager. This is a system that allows a person to effectively manage their customers since they are fast and very efficient. With today’s economy the more customers a business gets the better to maximize their profits. CRM software systems therefore come in handy in this case. This system allows a person to do various things that include recording conversations with clients. A person can later go through these and get to know customers needs.

These software systems come in different packages suited for the various operating systems. Inside the CRM software system, a person can keep their clients’ contacts. This may be their physical address, their fax, email and even telephone numbers.

Thanks to technology, people can even connect phones to the system. This makes it easier to know the client that a person would be dealing with at the moment they make a call to the company.

The Best iPad App

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IPad Apps are also on this list of favorites today. IPads have different features that come with them. In order to find the best kind of iPad, a person has to go through some of these features. One of them is the iBook. iBooks transform the iPad into a book that can be read electrically. A person can go through as many as 60000 books and choose from them. There is also a built in dictionary for use. The font size, color and brightness can also be adjusted to meet a person’s tastes and preferences.

There is also a kindle app. This is close to the iBook. The good news however is the fact that a person can choose from a wider range of books. To this respect, there are upto450000 books to choose from.

For game lovers, they have the tap radiation. These are just but a few of the features that a person can look out in order to get the best iPad app of their choice.