Best applications for Galaxy Tab

February 18, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Mobiles

The Galaxy tab has stood out to be a very good competitor for all the other tablet phones in the mobile phone market. It has many applications which are pre-installed in it, but there are many more you can have loaded on the Galaxy tab. The ones who wish to read the paper with ease on the tablet should have the Wall Street application loaded. This application displays the paper on the tablet in a way which makes it easy to read and navigate.  Asphalt 5 is another cool application which is meant for the gaming freaks. As far as the web browsers are concerned, Opera mobile is the one to pick because it has a charming look on the screen of the Galaxy tab. Chess lovers would love to install “SparkChess” which is a chess game. There are many other great applications for Galaxy tab like Slacker Radio, Angry Birds and Kindle for Android.

Learn to get the most of your iPhone 4S

February 13, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Mobiles

The iPhone 4S has obviously been the most awaited phone and the latest features are just amazing. Gone are the days when you had to type to write an email, now with iPhone 4S you just use dictation to write messages. Dictation also works on other applications on the phone. Air play mirroring is the application with which you can share anything on your iPhone 4S with HDTV. You can have your own customized keyboard. You can even print wirelessly from your phone.

Maps are so easy to use, you need to hold or touch anywhere on the map to find an address by dropping a pin. There are such numerous other applications and features to the phone. You have to go through the brochures, iPhone’s online site and manuals to understand your phone better and make the maximum use of its amazing features.

4 tips while looking for cheap laptops

February 11, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Computers & Laptops

The price ranges of laptops have gone down massively in the last couple of years. So if you are searching for a good laptop in cheaper rates so can actually garb one for yourself by following only a couple of steps. So go ahead and read this article carefully to make your search for laptop easy and sensible.

First of all you should make sure that your laptop has at least 250 gigabyte as its storage capacity, otherwise it will not be worthy to get a laptop which holds less space than that. The price of laptop varies on the basis of this battery capacity and hard drive size, so make sure that the laptop you are buying is able to run for four to five hours without any charge. In order to prevent eye strain you must get a laptop with has at least 12 inches wide LCD screen with a good RAM of 512 MB.

How to remove spyware, Trojans and adware

February 07, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Web & Internet

Getting continuous pop ups of spyware, adware or even virus like Trojans can be very frustrating because it ends up slowing down the system despite having a high configuration RAM. A way to get rid of these is to disconnect the internet. Not having an internet will prevent all these from entering your pc because internet is the most exotic medium via which they’re predominant.

A traditional method of uninstalling the number of applications affected in your computer might also help but the ones like Trojans don’t leave easily. Have a quick scan of the computer which will diagnose places with errors and applications that are being attacked. Having your operating system newly installed also helps but if your virus has spread to drives other than the one hosting the OS then this method becomes invalid. Having a different setting which will prevent spyware, adware, Trojans etc. to get in is preferred as it goes prevention is better than cure.

Kindle Fire vs. iPad, which is better pick

February 03, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Computers & Laptops

It could be a bit of a tussle between the two to have their way out in the consumer’s pocket. Having looked at the applications and utility of these two similar yet different tablets, it is only fair to say that a better pick can only be determined by the requirements of the customer. Configuration that suits you might well collide with that of mine. So, it’s a relative deal altogether to choose one of them.

A better pick can be determined by other general factors like inches of display and expandable storage memory on both of them with iPad having an edge over Kindle. Having a better outlook and specialization allows iPad to mark its price higher than that of Kindle Fire; which in turn gives Kindle the upper hand due to its affordability. The rest of the decision remains at the discretion of the customer.