Energy efficient office equipment options for a small business

April 28, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

office equipment optionsSaving on energy is the biggest issue these days. Even if you are not concerned about the environment but want to reduce the energy consumption of your business, then it’s time to go for energy efficient office equipments.

Here are a few energy efficient solutions that you can opt for, for your small business organization:

1)     Go for energy efficient lighting and cooling. These days’ halogen bulbs provide more light and brightness at half the cost or traditional lights and bulbs. If you need your office to be cooled go for energy saving cooling systems that might cost a bit more when purchasing but will help you save on your electricity bills.

2)     Go for combined appliances like a fax, scanner and printer that use one plug point to get all your office work done. This way turning off the machine will take less time and you will save more as you do not need to keep three individual machines running at all times.

IPad 3G vs. iPad Wi-Fi, which is a better pick

April 24, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

In the world of gadgets, the iPads are getting the most attention these days. If you’re planning to buy an iPad, then you should know about the various kinds of products in the market to get yourself the best buy. If you are someone who travels, a lot or someone who needs to access the internet at any time of the day, then getting the Wi-Fi model isn’t a good idea, as you never know which places offer the Wi-Fi. So it’s best to get an internet pack use the 3G model for faster use of the internet, anytime and anywhere.

Also, the Wi-Fi model is a bit slow when it comes to internet speed. But it is lighter than the 3g model. So if you’re not bothered about getting Wi-Fi connection and you have constant Wi-Fi network from where you plan to work, then getting the Wi-Fi model is a good idea. Then again, they both have their plus points and negative points as mentioned above. It basically depends upon your needs, when you choose the model. Both the models are same, technology and compatibility wise.


Tips to increase page rank of your website

April 18, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Blogging

page rank, page rank guideIf you’re operating a website, you would definitely want to maximize your income by making more customers visit your website. Here are a few simple tips to increase traffic for your website. Hire a search engine optimization expert. He or she can help you recognize how friendly your website is in the internet world and how much traffic can be pulled through its function and looks.

Hire an internet marketing firm and put up advertisements of your websites in other websites. You can also put up adds through pop ups in other websites. You should design your ad well and make it look attractive but not trashy. Also, make use of a link exchange programme so that you can put up your ads for free in other websites and links. Also, your page rank will go up, as all visitors of the linked websites will automatically give your traffic. Follow these simple tips and see a change immediately.

What is webhosting all about?

April 12, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Web Hosting

webhosting, webhosting guideYou must have seen how the internet these days has become an integral part of our lives. Almost all major works are done on the net. Most companies choose the internet as the best way for marketing strategies. But how do the companies put up all those information and animations on the net?

It is nothing, but by the simple method of web hosting. Web hosting is nothing but hosting a web site specified for some particular work. Putting up all those html documents and changing and updating the data regularly are done by the individual or the company that does the web hosting. But before you go to some individual or company for web hosting you have to be sure about their competency in the field. Appearances count a lot on the net. And thus web hosting should be done by some professional and experienced person. Before going in with some contract for web hosting, first of all check how much the company is reliable in the field. This way you can easily flourish your business to a great height.

An introduction to DSLR cameras

April 06, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

DSLR Camera, digital cameraFor photography enthusiasts, SLR or single lens reflex cameras held special position. Now with improved technology, the camera market offers DSLR cameras, SLR cameras gone digital to make your passion for photography bloom out in the best possible and easier way.

DSLR cameras possess a mirror ahead of the photo sensor. This defines the observation within the camera’s viewfinder range and when the shutter is pressed, the mirror turns up exposing the photo sensor and a picture is clicked. DSLR gives many benefits to those who enjoy sophisticated photography. It gives manual focus setting options, ISO configurations, aperture size options and frame rate changing for better photography in low-light conditions. These cameras are made so to support bigger flashes and lens filters.

Point-to-shoot cameras are all things integrated into one whereas DSLR’s are packages open to expansion. Nikon, Canon and Pentax offers the best DSLR’s today.