What is satellite broadband service?

January 27, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Broadband & Wireless

satellite broadband, broadbandThe satellite broad band service is wireless broadband service that is very useful in remote areas. They are prevalent in those areas which do not even have cable internet connections and DSL. They are spread worldwide and found in the ships on the seas and the go mobile vehicles. This kind of services can be availed everywhere even in homes, offices and government and non government agencies. Satellites not only provide telephone and cable connections but also internet connections.

There are some factors which affect the broadband service-they are the consumers line to the orbiting satellite, the service and the package opted for and lastly the weather. The speed of satellite broadband may be slow but the download speed is faster than any DSL or cable modem.

With this service one can email at a much faster speed accompanies with better download facility. These are all possible without any tie up with telephones. The potential customers are the ones who like in rural areas with no cable internet or DSL’s.

Fixing Flat Panel Monitor

January 22, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Computers & Laptops

Monitor repair, computersThe main problems which you might face with most general flat panel monitors are no picture, dim or hazy pictures, dead screen, or the pictures might shut off by themselves right after opening. The basic things which a flat panel board consists of are 2 or 4 printed circuit board for power supply, an LCD screen, function menu processing controls and signal processing from the video card present in it. The individual constituents present in the flat panel monitor are more than 500 and sometimes even a thousand parts may be present.

Depending on which main component the damage is, you have to start working on that unit. Special surface mount equipment is required along with other tools and equipment. Also you might have to replace the video mount if you think that all this is too much to handle, you can always give it up to a professional to get it repaired in the right manner.

Nokia Lumia 900- A brief review

January 17, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Mobiles

Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia mobilesNokia has always created a brand name for itself and is one of the leading mobile companies in today’s world. Nokia Lumia 900 has hit the market already as a popular handset with efficient modernized features. It bears a same look as Lumia 800 and is slightly bit more extra in size. It’s one of the best leading smart phones with a score of 9.5 ratings for its look and also has a well satisfactory performance. It is 127.8mm tall with a width of 68.5mm.

It gives a good competition to other popular handsets of some lading brands like Galaxy S2, Sony Xperia S, iPhone 4S. It has got a superb AMOLED display of 4.3-inch screen and comes in the color shades of white, black and the blue which is in very much demand. It uses Clear Black technology and corresponding with Samsung galaxy s2 it has a resolution of 800X 480.

Importance of Cat6 cables

January 12, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Web & Internet

Cat6 cables, internetThe cat6 cables comprise of superior features in comparison with standard cables used previously. It is very ordinarily used because of its high speed. With respect to system noise and cross talk the features of cat6 cables are better than that of any previous standard cables. Usage of these cables, involve better insulation which leads to superior performance. These cables happen to be very effective and efficient and do not require to be tested post installation.

If you want best transmission out of these cables then they must be installed by a professional who installs then through advanced skills of service. He must be a trained professional. These cables are the superior version of the previous standard cables and this is why provide with a very high speed and result in efficient and effective transmission of data. It also has an extended bandwidth unlike the previous generations of cables. It is not only trustworthy but also highly flexible to work with.

Changing life with 4G connection

January 07, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Technology

4G networking connections, 4GThe 3G internet connection was till lately much in demand among the people owing to the features of the connection and its fast speed. But with the development of the 4G internet connection, the complete scenario has gone a 180 degree change. Even with the 3G connection, you have to wait for a couple of minutes as some of the websites take time to load. With 4G connection, the websites will be loaded instantly and you will not have to wait for long.
Your life has undergone a huge change in one word with the advent of the 4G internet connection.

It delivers high speed internet connection four times as fast as the 3G internet connection. The downloading time is also much less. Moreover the availability of the internet connection over the portable modem allows you to get access to the 4G internet connection away from your work location. Thus the flexibility of the 4G connection is also a great thing that will change your life to a large extent.