Common Problems With iPhone

February 04, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Mobiles

Problems With iPhoneThe iPhone is no doubt the Apple wonder in the tech scene and it’s the most popular of smartphones around. But, that doesn’t imply that this much coveted gizmo is free from glitches- in fact, many iPhone users have voiced complaints regarding their iphones.

Problem with Wi-Fi connection

This is one of the most common issues stated by iPhone users. According to them, their Apple smartphones are always having issues in connecting to some Wi-Fi networks. At times it just declines to link at all while sometimes there is a big drop in the connection. Many of the users have faced terribly low signal strength even when the phone is just next to the wi-fi router.

Battery woes

A lot of iPhone users also face fast discharge of their phone batteries. Now, this is something really serious as it’s not possible to charge your phone everyday- say when you are out on a tour. The iPhone users are very much in want of a long-lasting battery from Apple.

Problem with maps

Apple’s war with Google isn’t a secret anymore which has led the iPhone to include its own maps in the device, discarding the Google ones. Now, the problem is that the Apple maps are mostly inaccurate and you are getting a very buggy map. Most importantly, most of the premium features of the Google option, that people were so used to-have not found place on the Apple release. This has raised huge concerns among the iPhone users and has even compelled Apple CEO to apologize publicly.

Easily scratched

A lot of Apple users are unhappy that their iPhone has proved to be vulnerable to scratches easily. The anodized aluminum case gets scuffed and scratch really fast, especially near the edges & back panel.