Top 5 Wearable Gadgets of 2015

April 29, 2015  //  Posted by: Brany  //  Category: Gadgets

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses


The Vuzix M100 Smart glasses were recently featured in CES 2013 whose notion is similar to that of Google glasses. The peculiarity of these glasses is that it pairs with your android smart phone via Bluetooth and comes packed with android 4.0 GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4GB storage. You can launch app from your phone and watch everything displayed on 800*400 pixel screen in front of your eyes on your glasses. It is really a very cool gadget.


Interactive T-shirts

Interactive T-shirts

T-shirts are not something new or trendy but kept into some electronics, with a few AA batteries you got something cool. Turn off your lights and you can have a equalizer dancing around your chest, reacting according to the sounds around you. Isn’t that an amazing gadget? In the variety of interactive shirts we also have the electronic drum kit shirt which makes sound. It has 7 spots that generate sounds when you push down on them. These types of T-shirts are not much expensive as it does not use high tech wizardry. It just has an electronic board which must be removed before hand washing these T-shirts.


Rusty’s Wired Series


Rusty-wired series

Are you tired f earphones which got tangled and acquire space in your pocket? We have brought you with Rusty’s wired earphones. It has come up with a hoody with earphones which doubles as the elastic strings of the hood. In order to plug your music device in, in one of your side pockets, where you keep your music device, there will be a jack to plug in your tunes. One of the important and unique qualities of Rusty’s wired series is that it is Machine washable that means it is waterproof. It is one of the important features of wearable gadgets. You are relaxed from the dreadful task of removing it and fixing it again while washing. Even in the rain you are not in a fear to save it from rain like other gadgets.



Pebble Watch for Smart phones

Pebble Watch

Pebble watch, an amazing watch with incredible facilities for smart phones. Pebble watch is such kind of watch which enables pairing of your I-phone or android phone with your watch through Bluetooth. You are then facilitated to receive push notifications such as Facebook messages and alert for calls and messages and emails. Pebble watch is highly customizable and is great and is of great use in the outdoor. Some of the astounding features are E-paper technology ensures that you don’t need to fuss with the brightness of display, even at jog  you can toggle your music, track your distance and running time, and still receive  your messages alerts. In order to use this, you have to download pebble app into your smart phone but if you are adventurous, there is an SDK of this watch available at their blog.


iwalletTired of using that old wallet? Tired of changing wallet when they worn out? Take a look at the exclusive iWallet which is definitely a game changer. Some of the attractive features of iwallet are it is strong, possess hard casing, has biometric access, and Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth technology helps as a deterrent against thieves which proves that iwallet takes your security way too seriously. One of the important feature of this wallet is that if your iwallet or your phone is too far away from each other, your phone will sound, warning you of a pickpockets wasted attempt or any misplacement by you. This iwallets are available in Carbon Fibre and Aluminium shell.



Advantages Of Wind Energy

April 13, 2015  //  Posted by: Brany  //  Category: Technology

Wind EnergyExtraordinary heating of earth because of burning of fossil fuels have compelled people around the world to generate power from wind. Wind is one of the forms of solar energy and it is created by uneven heating of our atmosphere by the sun, rotation of the earth and irregularities of the surface of the earth. Wind energy is such a form of energy which does not create any toxic emissions such as fossil fuels and give clean source of power. Wind power is popular and it is extensively used in countries like Spain, India, USA, Denmark and Germany. Wind energy is a great source of energy and has its own advantages.

  • Renewable energy

Wind energy is itself a source of renewable energy which means that its production is not limited; it can be produced anytime again and again.  Not like fossil fuels which can be expired at anytime in future years, wind energy has great potential and it can be used to produce free source of energy like solar and hydro. Wind energy is the most pure and cleanest form of renewable energy and it is used by many of the developed and developing nations across the globe to satisfy their need of electricity.

  • Decreases consumption of fossil fuels

Use of fossil fuels can be decreased to a great extent with the usage of wind energy if it is accepted and applied on a large scale in many of the countries of the world. Usage of wind energy can be a great alternative for the increasing demand of petroleum and gas products. It can also reduce our import of fossil fuels from other countries. Apart from these, it is also useful to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases which are major sources of global warming.

  • Reduction in air and water pollution

Wind energy is such a source of pollution which does not spread pollution at all. The existence of wind energy will be till the time of existence of sun. It is not at all harmful to environment as it does not release any kind of toxic gases. Usually you can see wind turbines in the coastal areas or in such areas which open, plain and there are gaps in the mountainous area where you can find wind strong and steady. You have to choose a location which is ideal and gets are regular and constant flow of wind throughout the year. Reduction in pollution in air and water will also reduce the diseases and it will create healthy environment and atmosphere.

  • Modern technology

Wind turbines of today’s time are attractive, classy and modern looking. They don’t look like old times boring old plain chunky windmills which looks very boring on your land. You can get wind turbines in various types, sizes. Many people install wind turbines on their land and get electricity from that. Once installed it is very useful for reducing energy bills along with providing you lots of energy without pollution.