Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix printers

September 23, 2015  //  Posted by: Brany  //  Category: Printers

Dot matrix printerDot matrix printer is the only printer which became so popular in the home as well as business. Dot matrix printer is one of the oldest types of printer. The working of a dot matrix printer is similar to that of traditional typewriter. The mechanism of dot matrix printer is just alike the typewriter. At the head of the dot matrix printers there are pins which hit the ink ribbon and make various types of patterns. Dot matrix printer can be considered as a kind of impact printer as it includes the mechanical impact while printing on the paper. Dot matrix printers are very but most probably it is used retail outlets, ATM, offices and banks.

The dot matrix printer prints out dots on the paper to form an image or text or any kind of font or graphics. An electromagnet or a solenoid makes the head of the pins to drive back and forth. Even though the pin is moving fast enough but still the overall speed of the printing is really slow. Along with that the number of pins in the head is also restricted. Due to this reason, the quality output which dot matrix printer offer is always low in comparison with the other types of printers like laser printer or ink jet printers. But keeping this fact aside, dot matrix printers still have many advantages and that is the reason why it is still widely used.

Advantages of dot matrix printers

  • Dot matrix printers are really less expensive. As they are so cheap it is easy to buy and use.
  • The maintenance cost of dot matrix printer is also low.
  • The cost of printing of dot matrix printer is also low. The price of ink ribbon of dot matrix printer is also less and the lasting time is also high.
  • Dot matrix printers last for a long period of time and it don’t need replacement soon as they are very robust.
  • The ink of dot matrix printers don’t finish up rapidly like ink of other printers do. It gives hint before getting emptied. The quality starts fading slowly and that’s the time when you know you need to refill the ink.
  • Dot matrix printers are very strong and that it is the reason that they can also be used in the rough environment like industrial establishment.

Disadvantages of dot matrix printers

  • The quality that dot matrix printer possesses is very low.
  • Dot matrix printer enables color printing but the quality of that color printing is also low. And due to this low quality issues dot matrix printers are not suitable for many kind of print outs.
  • Dot matrix printer creates a lot of noise while printing and thus it is very annoying and disturbing.
  • The work of handling paper jams is very tedious.
  • The speed of operating dot matrix printers is less when compared to ink jet printer and laser printer.
  • There is possibility of print heads getting damaged due to bending of pins.

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