Advantages Of Android Phone

June 15, 2016  //  Posted by: Brany  //  Category: Mobiles, Technology

Android phoneNo one would have ever thought that this tiny little green boy would become such a great competitor of the gods of mobile phones like apple and blackberry. Android phone is like a rapid hike in the mobile phone market. The acceptance of android phone and the boom of this android phone is really rapid and successful in the market. People started using android phone with lots of expectations and most of them were fulfilled and experience of using android phone was really overwhelming for the people. Android is a linux based operating system which was owned by android and later it was owned by Google. There are several advantages of using an android phone, one of them is that it is cost effective and allow you to easily connect with other devices and thus has good compatibility feature. Here are some other such advantages of android phone.

  • Multitasking

We never use our phone for just one purpose, we always want to have two or three things at a time and android fulfills your need. You have facility of multitasking while you are using android phone. Android phone can be used to perform several things at the same time. For example you can play game on your android phone and also play music at the same time. You can search for information on Google along with playing music.

  • Ease of notification

If you are user of android phone then whenever any new activity takes place in your phone like email, messages, or any such activity, it will be definitely displayed on the screen as notification. Thus you will be aware of any new activity in your phone and without even opening the message; you will be able to know what it is. By getting the notification, you will also never miss anything which needs any attention of yours in the phone.

  • Easy accessibility to apps

This is one of the best advantages of android phone, especially for those who love playing different games in their phone and also for them who loves downloading several different types of apps in their phone. Android phone will enable you free download of the apps which are available in the app market.

  • Available in different models

Android is such a device which allows the companies producing other phones to use it. Because of this particular reason there is varied range of android phones, you just have to decide which brand you want. Quality of android phone is very good because of the present competition of the android phones and other phones using android.

  • Bigger screen

The screen of android phone is bigger when it is compared to that of IPhone. You can get a bigger screen as that of IPhone but with fewer prices. Thus android phone are also price effective. Thus you can go for an android phone with big screen with less amount of savings.

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