Things To Consider While Buying A Used Laptop

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Be careful while buying a used laptop

Make proper research while buying a used laptop

If you can afford to buy a brand new laptop, it is well and good, but what if you can’t afford and you still want a laptop. In such case you probably want to go for something inexpensive or you can also go for buying used laptops. Used laptops are not a bad option to consider as you can fulfill your objective and also save some of your bucks. It can be also risky to buy a used laptop. It’s not that you should not go for it but you need to be careful while buying a used laptop. There are various things which should be checked before buying a used laptop as you want to spend many of bucks in repairing after you buy it. There are many cases where you will find that repairing a laptop will be more costly than buying a new one and thus don’t get into any such major repair just after buying a used laptop. If you haven’t any experience of buying a used laptop then you must be unaware about the things to consider while buying a used laptop. To help you out here are some of the things which you should consider while buying a used laptop.

  • Screen

Screen is by far the most important things to consider while buying a used laptop. This is because you are going to look at the screen every single time you use your laptop and another reason is when screen is damaged, it is the most expensive part to replace. While considering of buying a used laptop, you will see screen burn in or bad areas of the screen or bad lighting. Such laptops are sold for deep discounts, so you if want to go for something very much cheap then you must definitely consider them. If you are buying a used laptop with damaged screen then make sure you know the actual problem is and see to it whether it works with your needs or not. If the screen is very much dim then it can be a good deal for you as your eyes will not tired of looking at it.

  • Keyboard

This is also an important [part to consider while buying a used laptop. However it is not much expensive to replace but using a damaged keyboard can be a real pain. A missing key or even it can be can be acceptable especially if it is those which you not use much. But if the actual problem is sticking or even tough to press to press keys, you are definitely not going to be satisfied with your keyboard.

  • Battery

This is that part of the laptop which goes out very often. This is that one thing which is weaker ion the used laptop. Thus you need to consider the battery before buying a used laptop. You must check the cost of replacing the battery before you buy a used laptop as battery are not a thing to be trusted without guarantee or warranty.

4 Top Healthy Tips for your Laptop

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Top Healthy Tips for your LaptopAs technology is increasing the more and more new type of laptops have been availed in the market which can help you in getting one of the most beautiful piece of gadget being installed in your home right? Such a piece of technology which deals with each and every aspects of your work, within the limited compact manner which is being provided to you. But not only purchasing is your thing but taking and maintaining it is also considered to be the right and the duty of the users which they need to comply with. As it comprise of longer life, so you are not going to go for changing or replacing with the new unit of laptop again and again right? So it is considered to be important for knowing for the healthy tips for your laptop which can help you in going for the further matters.

This article will help you in getting all the information which you are in need of while going for the healthy tips for your laptop. Well, there are many things which can help you in the matters of going for knowing the healthy tips for your laptop which you must go for complying too like not to over charge your laptop, cleaning up your exhaust fans of your laptop, etc. and many more of the tips which you can consider to be having the healthy tips for your laptop which you can go for trying up.

Top healthy tips for your laptop

  • As stated that there are many healthy tips for your laptop which can help you in getting all those things on its place and from those tips the first is not overcharging your laptop. Yes, if you are getting your laptop to be charged more than it may affect your mother board unit which is installed in your laptop.
  • The exhaust which is being installed in your laptop must be cleaned regularly because it will help you laptop from not getting hot and increasing the temperature. Rather it will help you laptop to be maintaining up of its temperature which is required for your laptop. You can go for considering it as the healthy tips fort your laptop.
  • If you think that using cheaper charger or any other dummy charger for your laptop than you are totally thinking in a wring manner. It will not only exploit up your laptop but it may also harm up to your storage and memory which is being present and saved in your laptop. If the charger is being not used of the manufacture of the original ones, than it may cause way more of the problems for the user.
  • It is considered to be important to note that do not go for eating or drinking any of the food products while you are going for your laptop. I know it feels good while munching and getting your drink while watching movie but trust me, if it spills on your laptop than it is going to hang up your laptop which can be considered to be having damaging effects in not only your laptop but your income too.



Top 3 brands of portable DVD player

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portable DVD playerWatching movies is a hobby for many and that is why the concept of portable DVD players has come up. Now you will be able to take your movies anywhere you like and watch them on the go. Given below are the top 3 brands of portable DVD players that you will get in the market:

Philips PET729/37 7- Inch LCD Portable TV/DVD Player– it is one of the lightest portable DVD players in the market weighing only 3 lbs. It has got a screen of seven inch that is big enough to give a clear picture of the movie. This DVD player has got a car adaptor and headphone jacks. The sound system is really good and the remote control is also easy to use. Although the battery backup is not that great lasting up to 3 hours but the AC adapter solves that problem so that there is no interrupted viewing in between the movies.

Sony DVP- fx950 9- inch Portable DVD Player– this is a rather cheap buy but the quality of picture it gives is one of the best. It has a widescreen making the screen look bigger and the resolution is of high definition. It also has an extended battery backup and the speakers provide crystal clear sound. You will be able to swivel the screen that would refrain from your neck getting any kind of strain.

Panasonic DMP-B100 8.9- inch Screen Portable Blu Ray Disc Player– although this is a bit costly than the other two but it has the ability to satisfy your needs when it comes to movies. With an LCD screen that is almost 9 inches wide and the picture quality being of Blu Ray it will give a clear picture. But the main drawback is the battery backup that lasts for just three and a half hours.

Has your PC turned into a sloth?

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slow pcComputer is one of the most used devices in every aspect of life. Whether you need to collect your research notes or send an email to your client or in a mood for shopping, your PC is the most frequented portal. In such a case a slow PC is sure nuisance greatly hampering your day to day activities. But your computer is bound to slow down over time. There are certain contributive factors here leading to a sloth PC and the brief here is all about how to pace up a lagging computer.

To start with, your computer can slow down owing to excessive software presence in the device. It’s especially the problem, when these software systems carry poor or improper coding. Badly coded programs will drastically reduce the system’s performance- hence if you are getting a slow response from your PC you would have to remove these unnecessary software programs. The bad part is that many of these software systems get installed itself within the PCs with other downloads.

Then, it’s good if you can add on some extra RAM in your computer. A RAM add on will enhance your computer speed dramatically. Besides, it’s to stress here that a saturated or nearly saturated hard drive is another major cause of slow PC. Your PC is certainly the main library for your collected movies, music and pictures which in turn lead to a closed hardware quickly. Thus, it’s better you save some of your collections in some other hard drive to ensure a speedy PC. The tech experts advise not to fill the hard drive beyond its half limit.

Virus attacks, too, can be responsible for a slow PC. Thus, you should always keep your computer protected with a premium anti-virus software and make sure to update it before the expiry date.

Top 3 Lenovo laptops of 2013

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 Lenovo, latest  laptopsLenovo is a China based computer brand which is one of the largest pc and laptop brands in the world. This brand delivers cutting edge technology with stylish design to computer markets worldwide and is well reputed among its users. The prices are comparatively cheaper to a lot other brands as well.

Among the top 3 laptops for Lenovo in the year 2013 is the IdeaPad Yoga 13 which comes with a touch screen and multi-touch facilities. This pad cum laptop can deliver performances worthwhile with its resolution display capacity of even 16:9, its i7 2nd gen core processor and 256 GB hard drive. Among the others are the models for Lenovo’s Thinkpad the X230 and T430. They both come with 3rd en Intel processors and SSD’s. They are the very cutting edge in technology and the prices though high are cheaper than other brands providing the same specs.

How to care for your motherboard?

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motherboard, computer careIt says that the motherboard stores the heart of your computer and any trouble here could mean a complete halt for your computing operations. Thus, it’s necessary that you take proper care of your motherboard time to time.

Don’t allow dust build up on your motherboard and make sure to keep it clean daily. The dust would draw moisture that would further lead to short circuit in the vulnerable parts of the device leading to a severe damage. If the motherboard fan gets dirt clogged, it would stop working resulting in a severe crash of the computer in high temperatures.

Check out your motherboard capacitors time to time. This is to ensure that the condensers are in top notch condition which will further confirm an effective operation from your motherboard. In case you find any indication of leaking, busting or swelling on capacitors, make sure to replace the parts as early as possible which might otherwise bring serious trouble in the computing processes.

What is micro keyboard?

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micro keyboard, keyboardKeyboards in a computer are being replaced by unconventional designs over time to give users a easier and portable way of using keyboards. There is the touch pad keyboard built for the touch phones and qwerty keypads for the qwerty phone. Gaming consoles deal with their own set of keys and pointing devices so they do not fall under the group of conventional keyboards.

The micro or the ultra mini keyboards are fully designed keyboards for handheld use. They have the function keys on one side and function related to the mouse such as basics cut, copy and paste function on another. The keyboard contains all the characters in the middle and is easily accessed by the fingers. This is quite a designing challenge for hand held devices. The micro keyboard also contains a trackball and buttons for left click and right click functions of the pointer on the screen. The micro or the ultra mini keyboard is basically plug and play with USB ports. They are also wireless facilities inbuilt in them and can be operated in the wireless mode if required.

Fixing Flat Panel Monitor

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Monitor repair, computersThe main problems which you might face with most general flat panel monitors are no picture, dim or hazy pictures, dead screen, or the pictures might shut off by themselves right after opening. The basic things which a flat panel board consists of are 2 or 4 printed circuit board for power supply, an LCD screen, function menu processing controls and signal processing from the video card present in it. The individual constituents present in the flat panel monitor are more than 500 and sometimes even a thousand parts may be present.

Depending on which main component the damage is, you have to start working on that unit. Special surface mount equipment is required along with other tools and equipment. Also you might have to replace the video mount if you think that all this is too much to handle, you can always give it up to a professional to get it repaired in the right manner.

Cool computer accessories of 2012

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computer accessories, computersOne of the best options when it comes to the latest computer accessories are the Wi Fi routers. A good broadband connectivity is what every computer needs in these days. An external hard drive is a must have accessory for your computer. It is the best way of keeping your collections of movies, songs and games in store. They are also useful for transfer.

Music servers should be given importance as well. You may be a gamer or simply a music enthusiast or both but cannot be any of them if you don’t have a good audio system as an accessory to the computer. Good speakers are very important along with quality woofers that would add the bass to the sound. There are some software accessories as well that you could find useful. They mar start from games, to calculators and could be simply display items of the desktop as well.

What is the job of a computer security investigator?

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Computer security investigator, computer securityToday computers have taken over everywhere. There is probably no place where the computer has been left out. With almost all work done in computers these days, huge amount of information is stored and processed in them. It is for this reason that computer security is a high priority issue these days and there is no compromising when it comes to security issues.

This is where the job of a computer security investigator comes to play. A computer security investigator is trained and certified personnel with years of experience in computers security. A computer security investigator investigates the security settings and systems in a computer and informs the concerned organization whether the security settings are enough or more needs to be done to strengthen the security systems.

There are different ways in which this investigation is carried out and at times the investigator may try to break into the system to find out what its weak points are that will misused by hackers.