What is computer forensics?

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Computer forensics, computer‘Computer forensics’ is a term that most have heard of but are not sure about what is actually is. To state it at the very basic level, computer basics is analysis of information which is created with and is contained with the computer system and other computer devices. It is created, generally, in order to understand what happened, how it happened, when it happened and who were involved in what has happened. It is also done with the objective of performing a basic analysis of a computer system which is not performing correctly or is not performing at all.

Computer forensics also helps in determining who was responsible for mishandling the computer system and also people involved in committed a crime with the help of a computer system. It also determines who committed a crime against the computer systems. Computer forensics has become an integral part of investigations nowadays and is used by sleuths all over the world.

What’s New In The HP ENVY 4 Ultrabook

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HP ENVY 4 UltrabookHp envy 4 ultrabook is one of the latest from the factories of Hp. The ultrabook is the most affordable one in the market. The latest hp envy 4 has got the latest difference in the looks. First is the aluminum look with the red matte finish at the back. This red matte finish provides a good grip for holding it. The new envy 4 also is light weight and easy to carry.

The one thing that this ultrabook lacks is the USB 3.0 port. The best part of this ultrabook is that it provides 5 hours of battery backup. This is the best when compared to the others in competition. If you have used the MacBook for a long then you will find many features that is similar in this ultrabook. The latest baby of Hp is one of the best in the series of ultrabook. It is quite affordable and provides high performance.

4 tips while looking for cheap laptops

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The price ranges of laptops have gone down massively in the last couple of years. So if you are searching for a good laptop in cheaper rates so can actually garb one for yourself by following only a couple of steps. So go ahead and read this article carefully to make your search for laptop easy and sensible.

First of all you should make sure that your laptop has at least 250 gigabyte as its storage capacity, otherwise it will not be worthy to get a laptop which holds less space than that. The price of laptop varies on the basis of this battery capacity and hard drive size, so make sure that the laptop you are buying is able to run for four to five hours without any charge. In order to prevent eye strain you must get a laptop with has at least 12 inches wide LCD screen with a good RAM of 512 MB.

Kindle Fire vs. iPad, which is better pick

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It could be a bit of a tussle between the two to have their way out in the consumer’s pocket. Having looked at the applications and utility of these two similar yet different tablets, it is only fair to say that a better pick can only be determined by the requirements of the customer. Configuration that suits you might well collide with that of mine. So, it’s a relative deal altogether to choose one of them.

A better pick can be determined by other general factors like inches of display and expandable storage memory on both of them with iPad having an edge over Kindle. Having a better outlook and specialization allows iPad to mark its price higher than that of Kindle Fire; which in turn gives Kindle the upper hand due to its affordability. The rest of the decision remains at the discretion of the customer.

More on computer memory

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Computer Data storage is also called computer memory which encompasses all computer components and recording media that restrains digital data. Data storage is one of the core fundamental inherent of computers. In this industry the term “memory” refers to RAM.

You must have heard people discussing how much RAM is required to add-on in their computer. RAM to a certain point runs the computer fast on certain operations. In case you don’t have adequate RAM and intend to use more than one document or browse pages with more of graphics, you might just end slowing down your machine. Before you decide on the memory required you need to keep in mind the choice of your operating system and on your computer usage. For instance if you are a home user you won’t require much of RAM as compared to someone using it for video editing or various other applications all at once. There is also this virtual memory which enables your computer to handle larger and more complex applications easily. If you are an advanced user do not compromise on the quality. Always go for Grade A memory.

External Hard Drive Lifespans

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The lifespan of an external hard disk depends on various factors. In spite of the hard disk being portable, it still has problems with its handling. To a great extent it depends on how one uses their hard disk and maintains them. If proper care is not taken then the lifespan will become quite shorter. Also these gadgets are quite unreliable, so it is always better to keep a back up all your data in case of any hard disk crash.

The cooling of the external hard disk is also a very important factor for its durability. Apart from this, the CPU performance, the way in which the file system is used, the speed of the disk interface and several other components also affect the lifespan of the external hard disk. Sometimes portable hard disks lasts for several years without giving many problems while some does not even last for a year. Thus, maintenance plays a very important role as far as the lifespan of the external hard disk is concerned.

Is There Any Solution For A Computer Running Slow?

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There are many solutions by which you can make your slow running computer fast. Firstly, it is necessary that you perform de-fragmentation of hard disk drive once in a month. The process of de-fragmentation includes compression of unused files and rewriting them on the other sectors of the hard disk. Desktop takes time in loading the unnecessary files and slows down the speed of the computer. For this reason, it is necessary that you reduce unnecessary files that spend time in loading desktop.

Computer also slows down due to virus infection. It is necessary that you must install antivirus software so as to protect your computer from any damage. To increase the speed and performance of computer, it is necessary that you delete all the unnecessary internet files from the computer. Sometimes registry is overloaded with information such as which software is installed, where it was installed etc thereby slowing down the speed of the computer. Cleaning registry increases the speed of the computer.

What Is The Best Firewall Software?

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Every user of the computer needs firewall protection in order to protect his computer from threats such as viruses, spyware that can cause harm to the PC. Virus can delete your important data and thereby cause hard disk drive to crash down. For the internet users, it is necessary to have the best firewall software so as to avoid threat infection to your computer.

Zone alarm pro is one of the best firewall software since it is compatible with windows. It is simple, user friendly, effective in keeping your PC safe from unwanted threats and spyware. Comodo firewall is also the best firewall software and it comes in paid and unpaid version. The best firewall software must have a wide range of protection which protects your PC malicious threats. The best firewall software must also offer the feature of unobtrusiveness. The firewall software is responsible for blocking up pop ups thereby improving the efficiency of the system.

The Best Spyware Programs to Protect Your Computer

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Spyware is basically a bug that infects your computer thereby decreasing the speed and performance of the computer. Much software is available in the market to remove such type of spyware form the computer. Spyware programs can be obtained online and are available in both paid and unpaid forms. The system having Microsoft windows operating system are more vulnerable to spyware; but they can be protected by using windows defender. This program can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft.

Spyware doctor is a program that is used to protect computer from spyware. This program is used by several people all over the world. This program is one of the leading programs that have the ability to identify as well as protecting your computer from spyware. Malware byte is a free program that is effective in protecting spyware from your PC. Frontline registry cleaner is also one of the best anti spyware program that helps in protecting your PC from spyware infection.

Learn How to Remove Home Antivirus

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Home antivirus is a program that infects your computer when you download from internet. Trojan infected files must be removed from the computer in order to remove home antivirus. Spyware makes registry entries which must be removed so as to eliminate such type of virus from your computer.

Cleaning registry is a difficult task and the person must have knowledge about the registry. It is advisable to take help of a professional in clearing up all the registry entries. If the files of .bat and .exe are infected with home antivirus, then it is necessary to delete all such files so as to remove home antivirus.For normal and average computer user, it is recommended to remove home antivirus with the help of home antivirus removal software. If your computer is infected with home antivirus then it must be removed by stopping the ongoing program with the help of task manager and then remove DLL file components.