Top 5 Wearable Gadgets of 2015

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Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses


The Vuzix M100 Smart glasses were recently featured in CES 2013 whose notion is similar to that of Google glasses. The peculiarity of these glasses is that it pairs with your android smart phone via Bluetooth and comes packed with android 4.0 GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4GB storage. You can launch app from your phone and watch everything displayed on 800*400 pixel screen in front of your eyes on your glasses. It is really a very cool gadget.


Interactive T-shirts

Interactive T-shirts

T-shirts are not something new or trendy but kept into some electronics, with a few AA batteries you got something cool. Turn off your lights and you can have a equalizer dancing around your chest, reacting according to the sounds around you. Isn’t that an amazing gadget? In the variety of interactive shirts we also have the electronic drum kit shirt which makes sound. It has 7 spots that generate sounds when you push down on them. These types of T-shirts are not much expensive as it does not use high tech wizardry. It just has an electronic board which must be removed before hand washing these T-shirts.


Rusty’s Wired Series


Rusty-wired series

Are you tired f earphones which got tangled and acquire space in your pocket? We have brought you with Rusty’s wired earphones. It has come up with a hoody with earphones which doubles as the elastic strings of the hood. In order to plug your music device in, in one of your side pockets, where you keep your music device, there will be a jack to plug in your tunes. One of the important and unique qualities of Rusty’s wired series is that it is Machine washable that means it is waterproof. It is one of the important features of wearable gadgets. You are relaxed from the dreadful task of removing it and fixing it again while washing. Even in the rain you are not in a fear to save it from rain like other gadgets.



Pebble Watch for Smart phones

Pebble Watch

Pebble watch, an amazing watch with incredible facilities for smart phones. Pebble watch is such kind of watch which enables pairing of your I-phone or android phone with your watch through Bluetooth. You are then facilitated to receive push notifications such as Facebook messages and alert for calls and messages and emails. Pebble watch is highly customizable and is great and is of great use in the outdoor. Some of the astounding features are E-paper technology ensures that you don’t need to fuss with the brightness of display, even at jog  you can toggle your music, track your distance and running time, and still receive  your messages alerts. In order to use this, you have to download pebble app into your smart phone but if you are adventurous, there is an SDK of this watch available at their blog.


iwalletTired of using that old wallet? Tired of changing wallet when they worn out? Take a look at the exclusive iWallet which is definitely a game changer. Some of the attractive features of iwallet are it is strong, possess hard casing, has biometric access, and Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth technology helps as a deterrent against thieves which proves that iwallet takes your security way too seriously. One of the important feature of this wallet is that if your iwallet or your phone is too far away from each other, your phone will sound, warning you of a pickpockets wasted attempt or any misplacement by you. This iwallets are available in Carbon Fibre and Aluminium shell.



Review of HoneyDru USB car power adaptor

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Review of HoneyDru USBTechnology is reaching such heights that everyday something or the other comes up which is better than its previous versions. Be it mobile phones, camera phones, MP3 players, DVD players, car chargers or anything else; if you have money in your pocket all these things become just a toy to play with and each day you have a new one to entertain yourself with.

If you are a travel loving person and are on the road most of the time then this little cutie pie will obviously be very flattering to you. The all new HoneyDru USB car power adaptor is a brand new gadget in the market right now. It is a cute little thing in the shape of a honey bee with wings, eyes and antennas of which the eyes and antennas light up when the device is plugged into the cigarette light adapter of your car.

In spite of its delicate little structure and a brilliant shape the power it exhibits is beyond any ordinary car power adaptor. The usual adaptors are 0.5 A or 1.0 A chargers whereas this little thing gives out a notable 2.0 A charge. This little HoneyDru is built by the makers of Andru only. Proper charging it is believed can only take place from a good AC output spot, therefore using the standard micro USB cable may not be of a lot of help or as much effective. Another good thing about this little friend is that it comes with a coiled cord which can be elongated to about 3 feet and coiled back to like 8 inches making the gadget more flexible and adaptable at the same time.

The number of gadgets we all use everyday are not always when we leave home in the morning. This is where HoneyDru comes in.

A technical guide for gadget lovers

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Gadgets, technical guideIf you are thinking to gift someone with a perfect gadget then there are a great number of gadgets that you can look for. Here are some of the few tips that you can use while deciding for the gift.

• You can look for a tablet PC. It is highest demands these days and gadget manufacturers are creating it with more features so as to win the competition. The tablet Pc is one of the gadgets that every gadget would love to own. You can select one from the widest of the ranges.

• Smart phones s another gadget that every gadget lover now wants to own. There is great variety of phones available in the market. You can select this as a gift for the person you would love to gift it.

• For the music lovers there are a great amount of portable music players available in the market. The present music players come up with a high resolution screen for enjoying a good music video.
So you can use these tips to select one of the gadgets that you would love to gift to a gadget lover.

Benefits of digital video recorder for safety

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digital video recorder, security gadgetsDigital Video Recorder or DVR is one of the most effective security gadgets these days. The DVR can monitor the surety of your home or a small office and come up with a recording capacity from up till 4 cameras. You can place these cameras anywhere where you need to keep a check in your home or office.

The good news is that the DVR systems come up with internet connection capacity. It’s because of the internet connection facility, you would be able to monitor the target areas of your home and office remotely through internet access via your laptop or smartphone. For large business houses, there are executive standard DVRs that will operate with several cameras up till 16 for a wider monitoring provision.

It’s good to stress here that the security Digital Video Recorders are even equipped to be adjusted to record on sensing any sort of motion in the target area.

Gadget essentials: Tops 3 must have gadgets of 2012

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Top gadgets, gadgetsIf you are living in this century and still do not own a Smartphone, you should go back in time. The best thing about this amazing gadget is that they are able to combine a huge range of tasks under just a single device. You can take photographs, work through the internet, make presentations, make calls and many more. Therefore, a Smartphone is definitely a must have gadget of the 2012. Another important gadget that you should have by the end of this year is GPS and Sat Nav.

It has been established a long time ago that GPS is an important part of our lives. Finding locations is no more a tough job with this amazing piece of technology. They are also very important when it comes to keeping track of your children and knowing about their whereabouts. High quality headphones are also very popular these days. Thos who are into music will know the importance of such a gadget.

Top 5 eco-friendly gadgets for daily use

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eco-friendly gadgets, gadgetsIf you are a believer of the ‘Go Green’ mantra then you will have to follow it in all aspects of your life. Therefore, while getting gadgets for your home you will have to make sure that they are eco-friendly. One eco-friendly home gadget that you can get is the eco TV. It has power saving features along with a power saving mode. Another eco-friendly home gadget you can use is the bamboo laptop. Running on green batteries, these laptops have 70% longer life.

Another eco-friendly home gadget is the eco friendly flashlight that can be recharged by cranking a key, just like in kids’ toys. There is also the solar Christmas lights which run on solar power, they are very eco-friendly. If you are planning to get the outdoor grill, you can get a solar grill which a coil which hits up just like the coal. It is a very cool gadget as well.

A $200 bargain: Google Nexus 7 review

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Google Nexus 7, gadgetsThe new Google Nexus can be a very good purchase. There are certain features of the device that makes it very attractive. For instance, the home screen is very smooth and nice. With the additional app, the screen will rotate as you turn your device horizontally. It is known as “Ultimate Rotation Control”. However, if you are talking of a two hundred dollar bargain, you may not be very pleased with the microphone of the device.

Your voice may get distorted if you yell loudly in front of the microphone. The speaker is quite good. However, the speaker is not meant for blasting. It is more of an iPad speaker. There are no rear cameras in the device. There is only a front camera but there is no flash. The best part about the device is that they are extremely smooth. You can use various animated wallpapers to make the device a little more interesting.

A mini iPad or a Maxi iPod?

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ipadIn the recent times when our choice of the gadgets that we require is constantly evolving, our demand for various gadgets is also on the rise. This why, various manufacturers are coming up with various new kinds of gadget that have the potential of satisfying our ever rising demands and needs. Among the various popular gadgets that are commonly used by us are the iPad and the iPod. Both the iPad and the iPod are manufactured by the company of Apple.

Among some of the recent additions to list of the gadgets that Apple manufactures is the iPad. While the iPod has been a very successful that Apple has been manufacturing for quite a few years and is very popular among most of us. Whether you should choose between a mini iPad and a maxi iPod depends upon your specific needs. But it is clearly understood that the iPad has quite a lot more to offer than the iPod. As it is a tablet and iPod is an entertainment device.

Introducing – iQute iPirate 4GB Memory Flash drive

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iQute iPirate 4GB Memory Flash driveIts outside appearance is cute. It is found in a see through plastic carded type of packaging. Its capacity and promotional images are printed on both sides of the pack. The back of the card however also consists of the features and specifications. The best is felt only after it is used. Few of its features are:

  1. The design is Cap less
  2. Microsoft windows, Mac OS 9, Linux carnet 2.4 and above, all are supported by it
  3. Supports USB 1.1/2.0
  4. LED indication while accessing
  5. Silk and smooth housing
  6. 36*33*22 mm is the size
  7. Weight is approx 7.5 to 10.5 kg

The does all that you would want of a USB thump drive. However it does not support USB 3.0. It is made up of rubber which facilitates griping. The overall appeal of this devise comes mainly from its appearance that a cute little pirate is broken and still it works as a gadget. It is indeed a fancy piece of novelty.

How has android managed to transform the way people live?

July 14, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

android, uses of android, android utility The Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the latest version of the Android platform on tablets, phones, and more. It crafts the things people love the most. Well, to talk about the new technology discovery, Android is a boon for humans. It allows easy multitasking, for your intimation it is customized with rich notifications ability, customizable efficient home screens, resizable widgets as per your wish, and huge, long and deep interactivity. It is an adjunct to the world of communication.

It is doubtlessly the powerful new way of communicating and caring and sharing. It is simple, beautiful and useful. It is undoubtedly the newest communication barrier breaker. Starting from the stunning looks, to easy calling and sending of messages, emails, mms and all the other stuff that people consider necessary today, Android has all to serve to transform the lives of people. One can easily share photos, videos and almost any kind of files from any to any place in the world being at the same place; this has surely reduced travelling and hotel expenses.