Top 4 Android games of 2013

March 14, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Games

Android games, gamesWith the growing popularity of the Android phones, the number of games compatible with the Android phone has also increased steadily. Out of a number of varieties of games, some games have gained immense popularity.

Temple Run was one of the most famous android games till now. Following in mind the popularity of this particular game, Temple Run 2 gained wide popularity in 2013. Almost all people who have played Temple Run 1 have once again got addicted to Temple Run 2.
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse is one of the best 2D games for the android mobiles and tablet. It is a game regarding an adventure of Stobbart and Collard. The improved action of the game and the other improvisation such as rewards and awesome graphics are some of the reasons behind its popularity.

It is just a matter of time before another version of Asphalt, Asphalt 8 will be released. Almost everyone who has played asphalt in android phones and tablets, are eagerly waiting of the next version of the popular game.

Fun time: A mini batman bat-signal for your kid

August 11, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Games

mini batman bat-signal Kids will love super heroes. No matter how old your kid is he is sure to love batman and will adore the batman games and toys that you will but him. If you want to increase his love for batman and make the superhero’s presence felt at home then a mini batman bat-signal is the ultimate gift for your kid.

The mini batman bat-signal pretty much exactly is what it sounds to be. It a small instrument with a bat symbol on it. When lighted up, the machine projects a bat-signal on the wall or on the roof. In fact most bat-signals come with an adjustable head that can be directed in any direction. Though the machine may be small, the projection is quite large and prominent.

The mini batman bat-signal is ideal when you want to set the mood in your house when watching a batman movie on the television or playing a batman game on your computer. The bat-signal is the strongest when the lights in the room are switched off and you are sure to get that perfect eerie feel.

Learn to compare desktop vs. laptop graphic cards

September 11, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Games

The gaming industry is one of the most thriving and lucrative industries operating today. Fascinating graphics, realistic sound engines and seamless game play, all these contribute towards the success of a game. To indulge in your favorite games, though, you need to procure graphics card. Most graphics card needs to be added externally with the motherboard, although some motherboard provides inbuilt video and graphics card. But the main issue arises about the conflict between graphics card for desktops and laptops.

Laptops specified for gaming are available in the market, which possesses high end specifications, including latest graphics and video card. Most games releasing in today’s world require a great deal of resources and memory. These laptops, fortunately, have both in abundance. On the other hand, there is a wide array of graphics card available for desktops. Compared to the laptop versions, desktop graphics card are cheaper and easy to procure. Also, slots for graphics card are more in case of desktop computers.

Natal- hands-free Games Controller From Microsoft

May 31, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Electronics, Gadgets, Games, Technology

The gaming sector has had its share of developments but it was never prepared for the Natal Hands free games controller from Microsoft. The technology is geared towards enabling the users control games movies and all other things on their Xbox systems without touching any hardware but by using their hands alone. The technology has a new-style motion sensitive controller system which allows users to direct and control the game by waving it around. The user swings the controller in appropriate motions depending on the games they are playing for example if it is bowling the user swings the controller in a bowling motion.

The Natal hands free games controller relies on 3d cameras, sensors and microphones. The software understands voice commands and captures the motions of the players as well as facial recognition. With this technology, Microsoft aims to get more consumers especially of the older generation while keeping their core consumers. For gamers trying new and creative ways to enjoy their gaming sessions then the Natal Hands-free games controller from Microsoft is the Best choice.


January 11, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Games, Technology

Technology, PSP, GamesTaking a cue from the ultra renowned play stations, Sony took the game a bit further. They ventured to make it portable and thus PSP got its name: Play Station Portable.

On the face of it, it is a hand held video game console. You may download various games from latest versions of Play Stations and play to your heart’s content. It may even be attached to Blu-ray disc players and the game be played on bigger screens. Only it loses its portable quality then.

It has good internal memory range and external memory micro disc may be put in too. Even without the Blu-ray attachment, it has a good enough screen, clear content and sharp navigation tools. The audio interconnection is also quite curious. This machine is a winner in the non-Nintendo group, a video game special. It might have to come up with better versions though to beat Play Station 3 competition.