Advantages Of Android Phone

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Android phoneNo one would have ever thought that this tiny little green boy would become such a great competitor of the gods of mobile phones like apple and blackberry. Android phone is like a rapid hike in the mobile phone market. The acceptance of android phone and the boom of this android phone is really rapid and successful in the market. People started using android phone with lots of expectations and most of them were fulfilled and experience of using android phone was really overwhelming for the people. Android is a linux based operating system which was owned by android and later it was owned by Google. There are several advantages of using an android phone, one of them is that it is cost effective and allow you to easily connect with other devices and thus has good compatibility feature. Here are some other such advantages of android phone.

  • Multitasking

We never use our phone for just one purpose, we always want to have two or three things at a time and android fulfills your need. You have facility of multitasking while you are using android phone. Android phone can be used to perform several things at the same time. For example you can play game on your android phone and also play music at the same time. You can search for information on Google along with playing music.

  • Ease of notification

If you are user of android phone then whenever any new activity takes place in your phone like email, messages, or any such activity, it will be definitely displayed on the screen as notification. Thus you will be aware of any new activity in your phone and without even opening the message; you will be able to know what it is. By getting the notification, you will also never miss anything which needs any attention of yours in the phone.

  • Easy accessibility to apps

This is one of the best advantages of android phone, especially for those who love playing different games in their phone and also for them who loves downloading several different types of apps in their phone. Android phone will enable you free download of the apps which are available in the app market.

  • Available in different models

Android is such a device which allows the companies producing other phones to use it. Because of this particular reason there is varied range of android phones, you just have to decide which brand you want. Quality of android phone is very good because of the present competition of the android phones and other phones using android.

  • Bigger screen

The screen of android phone is bigger when it is compared to that of IPhone. You can get a bigger screen as that of IPhone but with fewer prices. Thus android phone are also price effective. Thus you can go for an android phone with big screen with less amount of savings.

Common Problems With iPhone

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Problems With iPhoneThe iPhone is no doubt the Apple wonder in the tech scene and it’s the most popular of smartphones around. But, that doesn’t imply that this much coveted gizmo is free from glitches- in fact, many iPhone users have voiced complaints regarding their iphones.

Problem with Wi-Fi connection

This is one of the most common issues stated by iPhone users. According to them, their Apple smartphones are always having issues in connecting to some Wi-Fi networks. At times it just declines to link at all while sometimes there is a big drop in the connection. Many of the users have faced terribly low signal strength even when the phone is just next to the wi-fi router.

Battery woes

A lot of iPhone users also face fast discharge of their phone batteries. Now, this is something really serious as it’s not possible to charge your phone everyday- say when you are out on a tour. The iPhone users are very much in want of a long-lasting battery from Apple.

Problem with maps

Apple’s war with Google isn’t a secret anymore which has led the iPhone to include its own maps in the device, discarding the Google ones. Now, the problem is that the Apple maps are mostly inaccurate and you are getting a very buggy map. Most importantly, most of the premium features of the Google option, that people were so used to-have not found place on the Apple release. This has raised huge concerns among the iPhone users and has even compelled Apple CEO to apologize publicly.

Easily scratched

A lot of Apple users are unhappy that their iPhone has proved to be vulnerable to scratches easily. The anodized aluminum case gets scuffed and scratch really fast, especially near the edges & back panel.

Tips for good smartphone care & maintenance

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smartphone care & maintenanceAre you in love with your current status as a smartphone user? Well, surely smartphones are some of the coolest gadgets around and have earned themselves a grand fan following, thanks to their chic outlook and highly functional features. However, you should know that smartphone gadgets are really vulnerable and hence demands proper care and maintenance for good longevity. The post below is a short note on how to ensure effective care and maintenance for the smartphones.

To start with, you must know that smartphones are designed with a delicate engineering. They are prone to serious damage on any sudden fall. Yes, of course you have to be careful while carrying smartphones but accidental falls can’t ever be predicted- thus the optimum solution here is to get a good smartphone cover for the gadget. Make sure the gadget sits well within the cover so that there is no chance of slip and fall.

The smartphone cover will not only protect the phone on sudden falls but would also guard the expensive device from dirt and dust particles. Remember dirt and dust are two main enemies of smartphone and hence you have to keep in under cover always. It’s better not to eat anything near the smartphones as the small food particles can cause damage to the internal circuit of the device. Further, you must keep your smart gadget away from water. Keep them beyond the reach of little children as well as they obviously are not aware of the proper handling of the phone.

Then, you must be very careful about the battery protection of your smartphone. It’s advised that you keep the phone off for minimum 2 hours a day for effective battery conservation. Then, be cautious not to overcharge the smartphone as it’s really harmful for the battery life.

Some cool android apps for students

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android apps, mobile applicationsThese days, androids have become the most used gadget. Gone are the days when people used to use different devices for various works. With different kinds of android phones available these days, people are making use of apps for various kinds of things like calculation, note making, music, gaming, etc. If you are a student and you own an android, then there are several apps, which you can find handy. The Math Formulary is known as one of the most useful math app. It can remember trigonometry and geometry, arithmetic, or algebra formulae for you.

Can’t keep track of all the things you have to get done? Download Evernote. It’s a note making, memory app where you can write down notes, set alarms and save pictures as reminders. We all need to keep information handy. Download Wikidroid for instant access to large base of varied information. You can find all these free on Google Play.

Nokia Lumia 900- A brief review

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Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia mobilesNokia has always created a brand name for itself and is one of the leading mobile companies in today’s world. Nokia Lumia 900 has hit the market already as a popular handset with efficient modernized features. It bears a same look as Lumia 800 and is slightly bit more extra in size. It’s one of the best leading smart phones with a score of 9.5 ratings for its look and also has a well satisfactory performance. It is 127.8mm tall with a width of 68.5mm.

It gives a good competition to other popular handsets of some lading brands like Galaxy S2, Sony Xperia S, iPhone 4S. It has got a superb AMOLED display of 4.3-inch screen and comes in the color shades of white, black and the blue which is in very much demand. It uses Clear Black technology and corresponding with Samsung galaxy s2 it has a resolution of 800X 480.

Is the iPhone 5 worth its hype?

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iPhone 5, iPhoneOne of the main features of the iPhone 5 is the 4G LTE compatibly. The incredible speed when it comes to downloading is also something you should be looking forward to. Another good thing about the phone is the A6 processor. This lets the phone have a very fast internet capability and the streamlining experience is also very improved.

The phone has a very sleek get up. However, it has a lot of similarities with the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 4. The screen of this phone is larger by 25% and the girth of the phone is slimmer than the previous phones. At the back side of the Smartphone, there is a matte finish of white or black on a flat surface with two tones. The phone is well appreciated for its fast processing and easy connectivity. There are a number of interesting applications available with the app as well.

Android at affordable cost: Galaxy Y

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Galaxy Y, androidsMobile phones have become indispensable. They found anywhere and everywhere and are needed by people coming from all walks of life. Today, you find them in other e-Commerce website and every third electronic shop. The days are here, when school kids ask for mobile phone, that too the latest one, in the occasion of their birthday. This is something unimaginable for many elder people. Days are gone when mobile phone where needed only for talking to your near and dear one’s. The mobile phone is presently used for an array of works.

Samsung Galaxy Y is the new hot property in the field of mobile phones. Quad-band GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 2G supports the phone. It’s weighs 97.5 grams and is 105*58*11.5 is measurements. The power has been estimated to be 830 MHz ARMv6 processor and Google android OS is very much present. The best thing about the phone is that it is priced at a very cost effective price.

Popular iPhone Applications for You

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 iPhone Applications, mobile applicationIn the world of advanced technology and iPhone has become one of the most widely used gadgets today. If you own an iPhone, then you can install some downloaded apps in your iPhone for various purposes. There are many applications which are meant for iPhone and some are free and some are chargeable but at affordable rates. LastFm is one of the most popular iPhone apps. You can listen to the radio, download songs and store them directly in your iPhone playlist with this app.

If you want you can also download the Viber App. It’s free and very useful to keep in touch with your friends and family at all times. You can chat, call, send photos and videos at your ease from anywhere with your iPhone. If you like to cook, then you can go for the Dinner Spinner app. This app will provide you with a large number of recipes complete with the cooking time and garnishing till the end. It’s very detailed and useful for all foodies.

Should You Get A Second Hand Smartphone?

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Second hand phones, smartphonesSmart phones are the most popular cellular devices these days. But they are more expensive than regular cell phones. Buying second hand gadgets are a smart choice given that they are not too old or damaged. If you want to buy a Smartphone at lowered rates, you can get a second hand Smartphone. But if you do so, there are a few factors which you need to consider. If you’re buying the phone online, do not close in the deal before you see the phone yourself. You can go for paying half of the money before you buy and the next half after you get the phone.

You can find out what the main features of the smartphone are. You can do so online buy giving in the name and company of the cell phone. After that, you should try things out yourself. You should see if everything is working in the Smartphone. Look for physical damages as well. If you’re doing this online, make sure that the website is a reputed one.

Samsung’s new products: Samsung beam and Samsung ace 2:

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Samsung phones, SamsungSamsung has launched some of the most attractive mobiles phones in the present and that too at a much affordable. With a number of high quality features and applications, the Samsung mobile phones are literally ruling the Indian market nowadays. The latest products of Samsung is the Samsung beam and the Samsung ace 2, two most beautiful and high quality mobile phones with all modern facilities available.

The Samsung galaxy beam is the first mobile phone from Samsung with the projector facility. Having 3.7’ AMOLED display, 720p HD recording and 8mp high quality camera has made the galaxy beam one of the leading handsets in the market. However after a break for a period, galaxy beam came into the market again in 2012 with more advanced version having a 1Ghz processor. The Samsung galaxy ace 2 is also a good phone with some extra features from the galaxy ace. It is also a very good phone at an affordable price with almost all the standard applications.