The navigation system of Android applications

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Android applicationsWhen it comes to technology the reviews can be obtained from the maker and workers. Apple CEO Mr. Steve Jobs professed that he hated the operating system of Android smart phone, However odd enough, Mr. Steve Wozniak, the co-founded of Apple and partner of Jobs in 1976, claims that he is the biggest fan of the  stylish Android phones. Mr. Woz also comments that is still of the view that Apple’s iPhone is not the best comprehensive Smartphone.

He continues to say that points in which Android has moved ahead of the Apple are not one but many. Voice commands works best on Android. The Android’s ever built-in navigation system is the best. The Android phones verily are not very simple for simple everyday use as iPhone’s are, however they don’t need any cracking of rocket-science to be used by a lay man. It is a fact that in many ways the Android may enjoy an edge. Most of the times the iPhone’s have answered back that they can’t connect to the internet at present but that have never been in the case of an Android. It has never reverted back and said, ‘I can’t, connect to the Internet.’’’

Un-boxing iphone 5

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Features of  iphone 5, iphone 5The world is progressing fast so as the demands of the customers. The Iphone by Apple, includes some special features like the 4 inch screen, faster Apple A5X chipset, 4G lite network, it is much lighter and thinner. Till now the I phone 5 has not reached the markets yet like the I phone 4. It is evident that the I phone 5 will be more developed and advanced than the I phone 4. The screen size can be 3.9 inches or 4 inches even. The I phone is one of the greatest attractions of the markets. The I phone has better hardware and software and it is also rumored that the Steve Jobs has spent a lot of money in redesigning the new I phone 5. The new I phone 5 will hit the markets soon and may be again soon the new I phone 6 will hit the markets again. I phone will hit the markets in October, and still now the design and screen size is not finalized.

What features to look for while picking a smart phone?

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smart phone, select smart phone  Are you planning to purchase a Smartphone soon? Well, there are different brands of Smart phones in the market nowadays and you might get confused when you go to the store. Here are some of the things that you should look for in a Smartphone. The first thing that your phone needs is a camera. All Smart phones have cameras but it is important to get a good quality camera. Most Smart phones have 5 to 8 megapixel cameras.

Another feature that you should look for in smartphone camera is Wi-Fi connectivity. This is an advanced feature and is a must have if you want to have internet access while you are on the go. It will be great if you can get a Smartphone with GPS. The GPS will help you to get around town and find new places. Other important features in a Smartphone include processor, screen size, memory and input method.


Best applications for Galaxy Tab

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The Galaxy tab has stood out to be a very good competitor for all the other tablet phones in the mobile phone market. It has many applications which are pre-installed in it, but there are many more you can have loaded on the Galaxy tab. The ones who wish to read the paper with ease on the tablet should have the Wall Street application loaded. This application displays the paper on the tablet in a way which makes it easy to read and navigate.  Asphalt 5 is another cool application which is meant for the gaming freaks. As far as the web browsers are concerned, Opera mobile is the one to pick because it has a charming look on the screen of the Galaxy tab. Chess lovers would love to install “SparkChess” which is a chess game. There are many other great applications for Galaxy tab like Slacker Radio, Angry Birds and Kindle for Android.

Learn to get the most of your iPhone 4S

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The iPhone 4S has obviously been the most awaited phone and the latest features are just amazing. Gone are the days when you had to type to write an email, now with iPhone 4S you just use dictation to write messages. Dictation also works on other applications on the phone. Air play mirroring is the application with which you can share anything on your iPhone 4S with HDTV. You can have your own customized keyboard. You can even print wirelessly from your phone.

Maps are so easy to use, you need to hold or touch anywhere on the map to find an address by dropping a pin. There are such numerous other applications and features to the phone. You have to go through the brochures, iPhone’s online site and manuals to understand your phone better and make the maximum use of its amazing features.

About 3G mobile phones and the benefits they carry

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3G has been a revelation since its inception in the year 2001. It is considered one of the most premier inventions in modern times, increasing the performance and speed of mobile internet by leaps and bounds. It has resulted in increased production of cell phones and PDA devices, enabled with 3G services, so that such tools can tap the increased bandwidth and limit data of 3G networks.

Benefits of 3G are countless. More bandwidth facilitates video conferencing options, eliminating the requirement of carrying heavier laptops or tablets. Other services that are available with 3G are live traffic update, weather report, multiplayer gaming, uninterrupted live streaming of matches and lots more. But the most important aspect of 3G is improved speed of internet. That implies that one can navigate sites and pages at a faster rate. Download speeds are appreciably high as compared to 2G or 2.5G. Noise resistance is another important feature, as far as 3G is concerned.

Take a step towards future with 3G mobile phones

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The 3G (3rd Generation) services has brought a revolution in the functional standards of mobile phones. The specifications of 3G are determined by the International Telecommunication Union.

The cell phone with 3G offers services like online billing and virtual banking, data and fax services, online entertainment like watching a movie or surfing the social networking sites. The video in a 3G phone is of high resolution. You can have video conferencing with people having the similar phones. Thus, the 3G service in our phones leads us to a comfortable lifestyle. We can also do our shopping from the phone, hence saving a lot of time and energy.

The mobile phones having the 3G service can have access to internet through a data rate of minimum 200 kbit/seconds. The latest 3G releases like 3.5G and 3.75G give a data rate of several Mbits to smartphones and laptops. But these phones are a little expensive than the regular ones.

Top Android Applications

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Today, with help of science and technology, life has become very easy. The world has come closer and everything is available to us right at our fingertips. The introduction of smart phones has made a lot of difference in our lives. And with the addition of android application, we are now being able to handle everything at our convenience.

There are so many different applications that they suit not only our personal needs but they also suit our business linked professional needs at the same time. The applications are user friendly and easy to use. Technologies like GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G etc are just a few of the applications available. The graphic qualities have also improved a lot with these applications.

Social networking has never been easier after the introduction of android applications. With the increased number of users, it is totally safe to say that these android applications are here to stay.

3G mobile phones a big step towards the future

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With the 3rd generation mobiles, the telecommunication industry took another step towards the future. Its high speed data transferring capabilities makes 3G mobile a revolutionary invention. With increasing demand for features like Bluetooth and infrared connectivity, a high mega pixel camera, radio and music players, high speed for data transfer has also become an essential criterion.

One of the most striking and innovative feature which 3G mobiles offer you is its Video Calling Facility. By this along with talking you will also be able to view the person whom you are conversing with. Besides this it also provides you with internet access and GPS service which lets you identify your position in any part of the globe and thereby makes locating an address very easy. Although the price is a bit on the steeper side but with its striking new features a 3G mobile is a must have these days.

Custom Applications for Windows Mobile

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Businesses today operate very differently as most people have different systems of operation from the others. Due to this fact, they would like to have applications that work for them from anywhere that they maybe. Mobile computing has become an alternative for this. Since there is no software for this kind of service, mobile computing can still be achieved.

Companies today are on the lookout for each other in a bid to see what new thing one is bringing on the market. Mobile computing is one of these services. Most companies are trying to come up with a successful way conducting mobile computing.

There are also custom development options. This is a rather cheap way of building custom software since a person creates one for themselves. To effectively do this, products can be got from companies like Syware. With just a little programming a person can launch himself a notch higher to customizing their applications.