GPS applications for your iPhone

May 25, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Technology

GPS applications, GPSWith the advancement in science and technology in the past few decades, there have been a lot of changes in the way we live our lives now. The electronic devices that we use on a daily basis now can be compared to the super gadgets that we have always seen in science fiction movies. The iPhone is one of them and along with the GPS receiver that it has, it can do a lot many things that can only be called futuristic and nothing else.

There are several apps that are available in the market for using both of these functions. Anyone can now geo-tag a photograph the moment he/she takes it from the camera of the iPhone. Also there are several apps that allow one to navigate through the streets of an unknown city with the help of GPS. Several other location based apps are also very useful for daily use.

Advantage of IP telephones

May 17, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Technology

IP telephones, technologyIP telephones are the latest way of communication. With the advancement of technology the IP telephone system has taken over the traditional telephone system. The latest telephone system provides the user with high advantages as it converts the voice signal into packets and transfers it throughout the network.

The cause of this technology getting famous is that it reduces the cost of communication. Along with the cost you can video chat, voice chat over the same network that too at a very low cost. This telephone system provides you with the applications of call centre and other desktop features. The long distance calling from this telephony system is very low and you can easily make calls to different countries at an unbelievable cost. This new telephone system also provides the various telephone features like the caller identification and conferencing at no cost at all. The cost of services provided by these telephones is low and thus it makes advantageous for users to use it.

Solar Power Technology: The Green Way Out

October 31, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Technology

Most of our sources of energy are coming from non-renewable sources of energy. In fact, as the population increases the consumption of these resources increases as well. Now that people are getting conscious of the impending doom that we are going to meet as these resources are getting depleted, people are moving towards using renewable sources of power. One of the best examples of these is the solar power. The energy that comes from the sun is quite a lot. This is not something that is going to diminish soon.  That is why those people who are advocating everyone to go green is furthering the cause of the use of solar power.

But how can you incorporate solar power in your life? One of the best ways is to give up on the traditional sources of power and use the new solar power sources. You can cook with the help of solar power. At the same time you can even use a car that is solar powered. In fact some people have even started to invest in solar power technology. In case you are planning to buy mutual funds. Do not stick to the regular ones, but invest in the eco friendly mutual funds.

Xbox 360 vs. PS3

October 31, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Technology

There are two sides to everything. The world has good-bad, heaven-hell, up-down and Xbox-PS3! Yes, the ultimate debate! But will it ever get old? Don’t think so.

This debate is never ending because of the quality that both these products have. But there is a possibility that you could narrow down the features as you can play the same game in both the consoles. Even then it is highly impossible to rate the specific features as both the consoles offer extremely high quality.

But the PS3 has its edge over the Xbox due to its affordability. You don’t have to pay for Wi-Fi, online gaming, Internet Browsing or the amazing Blu-Ray facilities in PS3 while nothing comes for free in the 360. Moreover, the 360 reportedly has a 35% failure rate while the PS3 has only around 2-3%. The PS3 definitely has more games than the 360. So taking all these into account, it can be said that PS3 is the current leader in the gaming world.

How to Recover Files on an SD Card

September 08, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Technology

You were going to move all the pictures but you accidentally hit the delete button! What do you do?  With the emergence of flash devices, life has become easier. You now have lots of space to save lots of files, but one delete command or some other damage to the SD card and those very files could be lost. Well, worry not, it is really not that uncommon and it most definitely has a solution.

The internet provides with a number of software to recover the deleted files. These software are easy to download and easy to use. You just need a memory card reader in your laptop and run the software. It will scan your SD card and restore all previously lost files without any problem at all.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should not add new content before restoring, lest your old files be written over. Also be sure to download software from trusted sites after reading the feedback, if any. Also, try to take regular backups of all your files.

Nokia Entering Laptop Market

June 07, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Computers & Laptops, Gadgets, Technology

Nokia has been known by its success in the mobile phone industry. They are now venturing into the laptop market by launching their own range of computers with the first, The Nokia Booklet 3G, based on Microsoft Windows, powered by an Intel Atom processor. It is designed to deliver unto 12 hours of battery life and weighs about 1.25 kilograms with a thickness of about two centimeters.

The Mini Laptop comes with an HDMI port for HD video out. It is designed with a front facing camera, integrated Bluetooth and an SD card reader. The screen is 10” and has integrated A-GPS that works with Ovi maps.

With this, Nokia would be in a position to exploit a wider scale in marketing, supply chain and distribution in the already heavily commoditized market. It aims to create computers that are more social, helpful and personal in response to the wide number of users who wanted PCs with full mobility benefits as well as connectivity.

Natal- hands-free Games Controller From Microsoft

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The gaming sector has had its share of developments but it was never prepared for the Natal Hands free games controller from Microsoft. The technology is geared towards enabling the users control games movies and all other things on their Xbox systems without touching any hardware but by using their hands alone. The technology has a new-style motion sensitive controller system which allows users to direct and control the game by waving it around. The user swings the controller in appropriate motions depending on the games they are playing for example if it is bowling the user swings the controller in a bowling motion.

The Natal hands free games controller relies on 3d cameras, sensors and microphones. The software understands voice commands and captures the motions of the players as well as facial recognition. With this technology, Microsoft aims to get more consumers especially of the older generation while keeping their core consumers. For gamers trying new and creative ways to enjoy their gaming sessions then the Natal Hands-free games controller from Microsoft is the Best choice.

Bio-Molecular Computing

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The idea of molecules that can perform computations is not new rather it is a traditional approach to computation in both theoretical and technological perspectives. Bio-molecular computing has added to our understanding of both biology and computer science. The whole process operates in a natural noisy environment in which computer instruction machinery is embedded. It uses DNA and other biological materials as the basic building blocks for constructing computational machines to solve difficult problems.

Bio-molecular Computing opens the possibility of providing a solution to the future designing computers in terms of construction and efficient computation. It also provides a programmable access to nanosystems and the molecular biology world thus extending the reach of computation. It also uses wider and complex algorithms that run on molecular hardware and open up new models of computation. To top it all it opens computers to a wider range of applications in the manufacturing, diagnostics and control of molecular processes. With all these it increases our understanding of information flow as well as the limitations of computation.


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Microlithography is a technology used in manufacturing semiconductors. It replicates an image pattern from a photomask on to a silicon wafer coated with photoresist (a light sensitive material) the process involves light passing through the photomask and causing the photoresist to be exposed to the wafer thus creating a blueprint for the semiconductor material that will be deposited on it. The semiconductor materials are used to make chips. The same process can be used in creating displays where the blueprint is the photomask which is used for the pixels and for driving transistors o the display glass. This technique is also used in the fabrication of sensors, actuators and biomedical devices.

The process has benefited from the knowledge of organic chemistry and photo-induced organic transformation. Many manufacturers keep in mind some factors while manufacturing these products. Some of them include cleanliness and quality that can meet the requirements of clients worldwide. Uniformity of temperature matters a lot in the whole production as this will determine the features of each unit processes.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

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This server is based on Windows Server 2008 R2 and is designed to enable people to share access to a single host simultaneously. It is specially designed for schools and educational institutions to be used in the classrooms laboratories and libraries. The station is connected to the server via USB and has a mouse, keyboard and monitor. One server with Windows Multipoint 2010 can support up to 10 users at the same time with each controlling their operations independently.

It is the leading product in shared resource computing technologies as it comes with great flexibility to meet the different unique needs of each institution. The teachers can now give students more access to the computers and spend more time teaching. It allows teachers to provide accounts for each student and easily manage them. It has a drag and drop options for files and folders to allow easy access and sharing of the information among students. Updates and patches can also be obtained through the Microsoft window Update.