Dpi technology in latest televisions

June 22, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Gadgets, Printers, Technology

PrintersPrinting photos or video resolutions are an accumulation of three basic colors: Red, blue and green. The manner in which these three overlap or disintegrate make the contrasts for visuals. You may make contrast between colors owing to how these three colors react.

In total, their reactions may be divided into portions of the screen and even at a micro level. When that is reduced to an inch, the number of colored dots you see gives you the reading of how good or bad a television is. Great televisions have a high number of dots per inch (DPI), conjoined into pixels.

If these pixels were visible, the striations would be awkward. Fluent visuals, especially in liquid crystal format, would allow the pixels to be obsolete to naked eye. Dpi technology is also a great asset of printing and ace printers use high number of Dpi. If you see the projection in draft, you will get the picture.

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