Face detection technology in digital cameras

October 20, 2008  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Digital Cameras, Gadgets

Technology, Digital CameraDigital cameras are the glowing mantra of modern day technology. They pack features of image stabilization; optical and digital zoom apart from the features of Face Detection, Scene Recognition, and Smile Shutter. Myriad other facilities such as Red-Eye Fix, potent coverage, and high picture clarity among other things make digital cameras the very best choices.

Face detection technology is one such feature that has been dwelt on too often. It is there in the present generation of digital cameras irrespective of the brand. It is the unique capability of a lens to adapt to a large number of people in a single shot. The lens automatically bestows each face a unique setting so that the pictures do not morph into a homogenous identity. Face detection technology ensures that the final picture that you get provides unique aura to different people that are part of the frame. For the purpose, the digital camera adjusts background, intensity and color setting of the frame.

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