Google Cloud Print

May 16, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Computers & Laptops, Technology, Web & Internet

Since a long a time ago, users had to rely on their operating system to print. This usually requires them to install a driver for the printer to be used. This is soon to be a thing of the past since Google has designed a new service to deal with it. Though it is in its early stages of development, Google Cloud print is designed to enable computer users to print any application either web, desktop or mobile on any printer without any problem.

With Google cloud print users will no longer rely on their local Operating system and drivers to print. The will use the application to submit and manage print jobs. The application then sends the print job containing the options selected by the user to the appropriate printer. The advantage of this is that it accepts custom print options as well as the simple print dialog. It can also be available for third part users once the APIs are available.

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