Has your PC turned into a sloth?

August 22, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Computers & Laptops

slow pcComputer is one of the most used devices in every aspect of life. Whether you need to collect your research notes or send an email to your client or in a mood for shopping, your PC is the most frequented portal. In such a case a slow PC is sure nuisance greatly hampering your day to day activities. But your computer is bound to slow down over time. There are certain contributive factors here leading to a sloth PC and the brief here is all about how to pace up a lagging computer.

To start with, your computer can slow down owing to excessive software presence in the device. It’s especially the problem, when these software systems carry poor or improper coding. Badly coded programs will drastically reduce the system’s performance- hence if you are getting a slow response from your PC you would have to remove these unnecessary software programs. The bad part is that many of these software systems get installed itself within the PCs with other downloads.

Then, it’s good if you can add on some extra RAM in your computer. A RAM add on will enhance your computer speed dramatically. Besides, it’s to stress here that a saturated or nearly saturated hard drive is another major cause of slow PC. Your PC is certainly the main library for your collected movies, music and pictures which in turn lead to a closed hardware quickly. Thus, it’s better you save some of your collections in some other hard drive to ensure a speedy PC. The tech experts advise not to fill the hard drive beyond its half limit.

Virus attacks, too, can be responsible for a slow PC. Thus, you should always keep your computer protected with a premium anti-virus software and make sure to update it before the expiry date.

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