How does VOIP and SIP work together?

December 11, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Technology

VOIP, SIPThough both Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VIOP) are relate with trunking and telephone services, they have certain basic differences which are extremely distinctive. Still there are many reasons of their being together. As both SIP and VOIP phones are capable of working together as well. Both these tele-calling services make use of wireless connections so they can be used together according to the users’ needs from time to time.

As both SIP and VOIP are costly for genuine reasons so the users should use only one connection for both voice and data. It can be good for the users as it would help them to save substantial sum of money every year. Since make calls to different countries is costly so using any one calling system can be wise enough to follow. Calling with SIP or VOIP can be cheap at times as the charges are quite controllable at times.

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