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March 28, 2010  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Printers

Over the years printer prices have seen a downfall but the ink cartridges are still exorbitantly priced. Printer ink is a major source of profit to printer companies than the printers itself. Adding authenticity to the claim is the fact that in the fiscal year 2004, Hewlett-Packard Co. which is a big market player in the computer business, made 50% profits from the sales of ink and toner alone. What generally happens is that printer companies sell their printers at subsidized prices keeping very minimum profits at their hands and then the major profit is taken on the ink cartridge prices.

The running costs of printers are more than the cost of printers. This fact has been a major cause of concern and angst amongst the consumers. The exorbitant ink price came in to public scrutiny when certain third party outlets started manufacturing and selling cheaper ink cartridges with price differences of up to 75% at times. Some third party outlets even promise refilling the ink cartridges. These outlets have made many a leading ink cartridge companies like Lexmark ink, Epson ink cartridges in a fix and infuriated them. Some of the leading companies have also thought of suing them. Lexmark is already in the court fighting a legal battle with a third party ink manufacturer; with Lexmark is asking the company to return all its ink cartridges.

Consumers are at a fix and dilemma that whether they should be using company ink or cheaper quality ink. Keeping the consumer’s interest in mind, certain legal issues have cropped up with courts looking into the pricing of the inks and asking the companies to inform the consumers about the actual running costs of the printers. There were debates on the quality of the cheaper ink but now these companies have proved their mettle and the ink supplied by them is at par with the inks produced by the leading companies.

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