Introducing – iQute iPirate 4GB Memory Flash drive

July 30, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

iQute iPirate 4GB Memory Flash driveIts outside appearance is cute. It is found in a see through plastic carded type of packaging. Its capacity and promotional images are printed on both sides of the pack. The back of the card however also consists of the features and specifications. The best is felt only after it is used. Few of its features are:

  1. The design is Cap less
  2. Microsoft windows, Mac OS 9, Linux carnet 2.4 and above, all are supported by it
  3. Supports USB 1.1/2.0
  4. LED indication while accessing
  5. Silk and smooth housing
  6. 36*33*22 mm is the size
  7. Weight is approx 7.5 to 10.5 kg

The does all that you would want of a USB thump drive. However it does not support USB 3.0. It is made up of rubber which facilitates griping. The overall appeal of this devise comes mainly from its appearance that a cute little pirate is broken and still it works as a gadget. It is indeed a fancy piece of novelty.

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