Learn to compare business vs. home broadband connection

September 27, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Broadband & Wireless

Broadband services are essential both for the residential and commercial purposes. However, there are certain differences in between the business and home broadband connection. Here is a short discussion.

Firstly, the business broadband services are equipped to receive and send data of a much higher capacity compared to the home bound services that have a restricted reach. There are restrictions stated by the state governments. Then, commercial broadband operation gets a business telephone line (1FB) that is not available with the residential lines.

Again, the broadband service suppliers usually come up with more schemes for the business broadband services in comparison to the residential counterpart. The business broadband will also get a much stable connection and faster download thing. The commercial lines also get their exclusive IP address and domain name for free. Lastly, yes, with all these high end facilities, the commercial services are surely costlier to the residential ones.

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