Lenovo Think Pad X201 – A comprehensive review

April 07, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Computers & Laptops, Electronics, Gadgets


The Lenovo Think Pad X201 has been marketed as the latest business laptop from the Lenovo Company. The think pad features a 2.13 Giga hertz Core i7 640 LM CPU processor and a 4 Giga Byte RAM. On the external built and design, it features a 12.1 inch wide display screen. It though takes the shape of classic ThinkPad changing only when it comes to weigh as well as thickness. It further features a relatively good touch screen supporting both finger as well as stylus input.

On the peripheries, it features a keyboard system that is completely spill proof. It also features a number of ports to support external devices. These include but are not limited to USB ports, VGA port, Ethernet port as well as an Express Card 34 port. The Lenovo Think Pad X201 is tailored for business hence it has a basic playback system. Generally, despite the underpowered graphics and the fact that it weighs more than other notebooks, The Lenovo Think Pad X201 runs perfectly well and features a great display.

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