My Favorite Entertainment Apps

December 11, 2012  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Apps

short term tech loansOne of the greatest things about the rise of technology has been the improvement in options for cheap entertainment. Your budget line item for entertainment can be greatly reduced by downloading just a few key apps.

Netflix. This is a no-brainer! The streaming options on Netflix are awesome. You can catch up on old TV series, check out interesting documentaries, and even watch some relatively new movies.

Hulu. Hulu is awesome because it helps you keep up to date on current shows if you’re willing to wait to watch them a day or two after they air. They have clips as well as full-length episodes of most popular network shows.

With either of these apps plus the right player, it’s easy to stream whatever you’re watching to your television so you may even be able to forego your cable bill.

Fandango. Whenever I’m headed to the movies, I love how easy it is to order my tickets ahead of time using the Fandango app. I can see different theatres in my area, no matter where I am, check out which movies are playing, and buy tickets, all from my phone.

Angry Birds and Words with Friends. These are silly games and can get a little boring after some time, but they really make the time fly when you’re waiting for a train or plane. The added benefit of this is that you won’t find yourself roaming around an airport spending money out of boredom!

Kindle. The Kindle app is another great option for keeping busy on the go. I thought I would have a problem reading from such a small device but it’s really no problem at all and is a great way to pass the time on my commute to work. Amazon has a bunch of great free download options, and you can borrow certain titles from friends so that you don’t spend too much on downloads!

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