NAS Description

February 22, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Web & Internet


Network Attached Storage (NAS) describes the complete storage system designed for traditional data network attachment. The NAS servers mainly support CIFS (Common-Internet-File-System) and NFS (Network-File-System).

NAS unit is a self contained computer in a network with the task of offering file based data storage services to other network devices where the storage devices can be reached over the computer network rather than through a direct computer.

NAS is the hard disk storage system which includes the RAID configuration which has got its own LAN IP address and hence not attached to department computers and forwarding the applications to network workstation users. NAS consists of software for file locations configurations and mappings to network attached devices.

The devices are accessed directly because they have IP addresses and do not compete for resources. Also with different servers containing different operating systems, there is the centralization of backup, management and storage which provides a seamless flow of resources through a network.

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