Natal- hands-free Games Controller From Microsoft

May 31, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Electronics, Gadgets, Games, Technology

The gaming sector has had its share of developments but it was never prepared for the Natal Hands free games controller from Microsoft. The technology is geared towards enabling the users control games movies and all other things on their Xbox systems without touching any hardware but by using their hands alone. The technology has a new-style motion sensitive controller system which allows users to direct and control the game by waving it around. The user swings the controller in appropriate motions depending on the games they are playing for example if it is bowling the user swings the controller in a bowling motion.

The Natal hands free games controller relies on 3d cameras, sensors and microphones. The software understands voice commands and captures the motions of the players as well as facial recognition. With this technology, Microsoft aims to get more consumers especially of the older generation while keeping their core consumers. For gamers trying new and creative ways to enjoy their gaming sessions then the Natal Hands-free games controller from Microsoft is the Best choice.

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