Review of HoneyDru USB car power adaptor

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Review of HoneyDru USBTechnology is reaching such heights that everyday something or the other comes up which is better than its previous versions. Be it mobile phones, camera phones, MP3 players, DVD players, car chargers or anything else; if you have money in your pocket all these things become just a toy to play with and each day you have a new one to entertain yourself with.

If you are a travel loving person and are on the road most of the time then this little cutie pie will obviously be very flattering to you. The all new HoneyDru USB car power adaptor is a brand new gadget in the market right now. It is a cute little thing in the shape of a honey bee with wings, eyes and antennas of which the eyes and antennas light up when the device is plugged into the cigarette light adapter of your car.

In spite of its delicate little structure and a brilliant shape the power it exhibits is beyond any ordinary car power adaptor. The usual adaptors are 0.5 A or 1.0 A chargers whereas this little thing gives out a notable 2.0 A charge. This little HoneyDru is built by the makers of Andru only. Proper charging it is believed can only take place from a good AC output spot, therefore using the standard micro USB cable may not be of a lot of help or as much effective. Another good thing about this little friend is that it comes with a coiled cord which can be elongated to about 3 feet and coiled back to like 8 inches making the gadget more flexible and adaptable at the same time.

The number of gadgets we all use everyday are not always when we leave home in the morning. This is where HoneyDru comes in.

Importance of Website Design for Your Business

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Website Design for BusinessWebsite optimization is very important to enhance the smooth growth of the business online. If you have a website for promoting product, decorate web pages. Online marketing is superseding the conventional hand to hand product exchange method. It is a new way to sell products online. Websites give the platform to people to gather online to buy products. If your websites are poor in design, the rate of web traffic will be very low. Therefore, website designers are hired to optimize e-commerce portals.

For Proper Growth of Business Online –Design Websites

Online viewers are mostly young. A short survey has been done by a group of market analyzers. According to them, almost 99% customers belong to the teenage community. So, the virtual shopping centers attract young generation. Teens, who are very fashionable and stylish and hit websites for shopping. They like to check the colorful websites. They prefer those hi-tech websites which offer excellent marketing options. To increase the web traffic, online traders must add some new features to the website designs. There are few online businesses which need media exposure. Online visitors will rate your websites after being satisfied. The colorful images on the home pages of the websites entice young viewers. Therefore, the top priority needs to be given to the optimization of e-commerce websites. Besides, Google has changed the algorithm for ranking web pages. A website must be transparent with excellent visual panorama. Web pages should have original and plagiarism free data. So, your objective must be focused on the website designs to attract online consumers. Organic website designs are inspiring modern designers to optimize the websites. Recently, theme based website designs are given importance. Therefore, sit down to make plans to rebuild your commercial websites.

Finally, online business stands on the smooth rapport between customers and traders. Online communication must be strengthened enabling young entrepreneurs to expand business rapidly. However, the whole correspondence online depends on the presentation of the websites. Therefore, hire competent web designers for the cosmetic make-up of your virtual shopping portal.

Tips for good smartphone care & maintenance

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smartphone care & maintenanceAre you in love with your current status as a smartphone user? Well, surely smartphones are some of the coolest gadgets around and have earned themselves a grand fan following, thanks to their chic outlook and highly functional features. However, you should know that smartphone gadgets are really vulnerable and hence demands proper care and maintenance for good longevity. The post below is a short note on how to ensure effective care and maintenance for the smartphones.

To start with, you must know that smartphones are designed with a delicate engineering. They are prone to serious damage on any sudden fall. Yes, of course you have to be careful while carrying smartphones but accidental falls can’t ever be predicted- thus the optimum solution here is to get a good smartphone cover for the gadget. Make sure the gadget sits well within the cover so that there is no chance of slip and fall.

The smartphone cover will not only protect the phone on sudden falls but would also guard the expensive device from dirt and dust particles. Remember dirt and dust are two main enemies of smartphone and hence you have to keep in under cover always. It’s better not to eat anything near the smartphones as the small food particles can cause damage to the internal circuit of the device. Further, you must keep your smart gadget away from water. Keep them beyond the reach of little children as well as they obviously are not aware of the proper handling of the phone.

Then, you must be very careful about the battery protection of your smartphone. It’s advised that you keep the phone off for minimum 2 hours a day for effective battery conservation. Then, be cautious not to overcharge the smartphone as it’s really harmful for the battery life.

Top 3 brands of portable DVD player

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portable DVD playerWatching movies is a hobby for many and that is why the concept of portable DVD players has come up. Now you will be able to take your movies anywhere you like and watch them on the go. Given below are the top 3 brands of portable DVD players that you will get in the market:

Philips PET729/37 7- Inch LCD Portable TV/DVD Player– it is one of the lightest portable DVD players in the market weighing only 3 lbs. It has got a screen of seven inch that is big enough to give a clear picture of the movie. This DVD player has got a car adaptor and headphone jacks. The sound system is really good and the remote control is also easy to use. Although the battery backup is not that great lasting up to 3 hours but the AC adapter solves that problem so that there is no interrupted viewing in between the movies.

Sony DVP- fx950 9- inch Portable DVD Player– this is a rather cheap buy but the quality of picture it gives is one of the best. It has a widescreen making the screen look bigger and the resolution is of high definition. It also has an extended battery backup and the speakers provide crystal clear sound. You will be able to swivel the screen that would refrain from your neck getting any kind of strain.

Panasonic DMP-B100 8.9- inch Screen Portable Blu Ray Disc Player– although this is a bit costly than the other two but it has the ability to satisfy your needs when it comes to movies. With an LCD screen that is almost 9 inches wide and the picture quality being of Blu Ray it will give a clear picture. But the main drawback is the battery backup that lasts for just three and a half hours.

Has your PC turned into a sloth?

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slow pcComputer is one of the most used devices in every aspect of life. Whether you need to collect your research notes or send an email to your client or in a mood for shopping, your PC is the most frequented portal. In such a case a slow PC is sure nuisance greatly hampering your day to day activities. But your computer is bound to slow down over time. There are certain contributive factors here leading to a sloth PC and the brief here is all about how to pace up a lagging computer.

To start with, your computer can slow down owing to excessive software presence in the device. It’s especially the problem, when these software systems carry poor or improper coding. Badly coded programs will drastically reduce the system’s performance- hence if you are getting a slow response from your PC you would have to remove these unnecessary software programs. The bad part is that many of these software systems get installed itself within the PCs with other downloads.

Then, it’s good if you can add on some extra RAM in your computer. A RAM add on will enhance your computer speed dramatically. Besides, it’s to stress here that a saturated or nearly saturated hard drive is another major cause of slow PC. Your PC is certainly the main library for your collected movies, music and pictures which in turn lead to a closed hardware quickly. Thus, it’s better you save some of your collections in some other hard drive to ensure a speedy PC. The tech experts advise not to fill the hard drive beyond its half limit.

Virus attacks, too, can be responsible for a slow PC. Thus, you should always keep your computer protected with a premium anti-virus software and make sure to update it before the expiry date.

Which Android App Is the Best for Women?

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android apps, mobile applicationsIf you own a Smartphone, then there are several apps which you can download for free or for cheap these days and keep yourself updated and entertained at all times. There are apps, which can be directly downloaded into your Smartphone.

If you are a woman and you are looking for an app, which is exclusively, meant for women, then you’ll be amazed by the number of choices, which you get. There is an app called the pink pad. This app helps in keeping a track on the menstrual cycle. You can enter the details of your period’s start and end date and they will tell you and give you updates before your next ovulation and period start date. Also, you can keep track of your weight and body changes and sex life as well. You can enjoy the pretty little app, which is easy to use. It has been rated as the best period and ovulation tracker by users all over the world.

Upgrading adobe illustrator CS6

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adobe illustrator CS6You must have heard about Adobe Illustrator CS6. And along with that comes a long list of praise about it. Needless to say Adobe CS6 is an extremely powerful tool which is giving many professionals a new turn to their experience and career. There have been many versions of this software, but the latest one of CS6 makes the older ones look like a barebones one. This incredible software is giving power to the users to transform things in unbelievable ways.

Adobe CS6 has unlimited number of creative tools that can help you take your project to the next level. Adobe Illustrator CS5 is the only software version of it that comes closest to CS6. The main features of Adobe CS6 are as follows:

  • Tracing of image
  • Creation of patterns
  • Adjustable UI brightness
  • Strokes with gradients
  • Inline editing
  • Enhanced power in the control panel

Some cool android apps for students

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android apps, mobile applicationsThese days, androids have become the most used gadget. Gone are the days when people used to use different devices for various works. With different kinds of android phones available these days, people are making use of apps for various kinds of things like calculation, note making, music, gaming, etc. If you are a student and you own an android, then there are several apps, which you can find handy. The Math Formulary is known as one of the most useful math app. It can remember trigonometry and geometry, arithmetic, or algebra formulae for you.

Can’t keep track of all the things you have to get done? Download Evernote. It’s a note making, memory app where you can write down notes, set alarms and save pictures as reminders. We all need to keep information handy. Download Wikidroid for instant access to large base of varied information. You can find all these free on Google Play.

A technical guide for gadget lovers

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Gadgets, technical guideIf you are thinking to gift someone with a perfect gadget then there are a great number of gadgets that you can look for. Here are some of the few tips that you can use while deciding for the gift.

• You can look for a tablet PC. It is highest demands these days and gadget manufacturers are creating it with more features so as to win the competition. The tablet Pc is one of the gadgets that every gadget would love to own. You can select one from the widest of the ranges.

• Smart phones s another gadget that every gadget lover now wants to own. There is great variety of phones available in the market. You can select this as a gift for the person you would love to gift it.

• For the music lovers there are a great amount of portable music players available in the market. The present music players come up with a high resolution screen for enjoying a good music video.
So you can use these tips to select one of the gadgets that you would love to gift to a gadget lover.

Are you aware of the advantages of VPS hosting?

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advantages of VPS hostingVPS web hosting is one of the most popular web hosting solutions these days. It’s called virtual Private Server hosting which is like a bridge between shared and dedicated server hosting. The most primary advantage of VPS hosting is its high affordability- it has many of the useful features of dedicated but at a fraction of cost than the dedicated servers.

Then, VPS hosting also provides its customers will full root control and access. You would be able to install varied types of operating systems as per your choice and needs. Similarly you would be also allowed to tweak server for an additional performance boost. VPS hosting permits its users to install customized applications & scripts which is nit viable in shared hosting.

As here your resources won’t be shared with other sites, you would be getting an enhanced performance over shared hosting. The VPS users get dedicated, memory, bandwidth and CPU.