Skinput- The Human Arm Touchscreen

May 16, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Technology

Touchscreen gadgets have become popular due to the advantages they come with. There is a recent innovation called skinput that turns the body into a touchscreen interface. It applies the use of series of sensors to determine where the user taps on their arms. It responds to the vibrations on the user’s body. Each part of the body Creates different types of variations depending on the features of the bones, muscle and tendons in that area. The users place an arm band which a skinput sensor uses to know the location where the user has tapped.

Skinput when used with a small projector can generate a menu interface similar to the ones in the electronic gadgets.The tapping of different areas allows users to scroll through menus and select different options. Skinput can also be used without the visual interface to allow users control MP3 players without having to look. Future developments of skinput will be characterized by smaller projectors enough to fit in a writ watch to make it more portable and complete.

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