Technology percolating DC

June 21, 2009  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Digital Cameras, Electronics, Gadgets

Digital Camera, Technology,Digital cameras have become an invention tantamount to technical advancement. To begin, they have wonderful facets of optical zoom and digital zoom. These help in capturing landscape mode better. Moreover, even the peripheral vision comes within tow. Another hottie is the image stabilizer technique. It helps in rectifying the tremors and shakes of hands. Often photographs come out in a bizarre fashion owing to such dubious tremors. Smile shutter technology helps in clearing out the ill-passed smiles and blinks.

Face detection technology aids in creating a heterogeneous identity of photograph by giving different people, diverse kinds of face setting and color contrasts. Scene recognition technique allows the camera to catch different scenes in their respective modes. For instance, a twilight setting would look best through twilight mode. The camera easily adjusts to different settings and color contrasts. Red eye fix is another engaging facet and it helps in creating red-eye free photographs.

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