Top 5 Windows Gadget for Windows Vista

February 14, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Softwares


• CPU Meter Gadget -There are two dials- one that tracks your system’s CPU usage and another that tracks physical memory usage, in percentage format.

• DriveInfo Gadget – It monitors the free space available on one or more of your PC’s hard drives. Displays free space in both GB and percentage.

• Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget – You can see available wireless network connections; verify wireless coverage, and lots more in a unique interface.

• Margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget – The gadget has a funny name but it is serious about packing a lot of system monitoring into a single gadget. You can track system uptime, CPU and RAM use, wireless network strength, battery level, and much more.

• iPhone Battery Gadget – The battery indicator is an excellent knock-off of the glowing battery level indicator on the iPhone and looks great on the desktop. You can also mimic an antique meter, a Duracell battery, among other cool things.

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