What is computer forensics?

September 27, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Computers & Laptops

Computer forensics, computer‘Computer forensics’ is a term that most have heard of but are not sure about what is actually is. To state it at the very basic level, computer basics is analysis of information which is created with and is contained with the computer system and other computer devices. It is created, generally, in order to understand what happened, how it happened, when it happened and who were involved in what has happened. It is also done with the objective of performing a basic analysis of a computer system which is not performing correctly or is not performing at all.

Computer forensics also helps in determining who was responsible for mishandling the computer system and also people involved in committed a crime with the help of a computer system. It also determines who committed a crime against the computer systems. Computer forensics has become an integral part of investigations nowadays and is used by sleuths all over the world.

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