Why is waterproofing your I-pad essential?

September 03, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

You need to waterproof your ipad if you are thinking of taking it out in the rain or near the beach. A simple waterproof case for the ipad will keep it dry and safe. You may not have the intention of dunking your ipad in water but you can be careful. The waterproof will also save the ipad from sand, dust and debris too. The ipad also remains safe from liquids like juice, water, ice cream and puddings. The waterproof is made with lightweight plastics. Other materials are also used along with it.

Waterproofing does not prevent the ipad from fully functioning. You can use the touch screen, hear sound from the speakers, slide flip the pages of a book and also surf the internet. When you waterproof your ipad any humid air around it gets trapped in the case. To remove this air you can add silica gel packets. These packets absorb the moisture and do not allow any condensation build up.

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