Your Guide to Mobile Broadband

April 22, 2010  //  Posted by: Techie  //  Category: Broadband & Wireless

Mobile Broadband is yet another spectacular innovation from the fast emerging domain of Data and Communications which enables you to access high speed internet through modems or any other device from anywhere and at anytime. Mobile Broadband shouldn’t be confused with Wi-Fi as the latter provides data access within some limits whereas the former is accessible from any place and at any motion range. We can take Wi-Fi as analogous to a cordless phone where as Mobile Broadband provides you advantages of a cellular phone.

How does it Work?

Mobile Broadband uses network of mobile phones to connect you to internet. Various network standards like 3G, GPRS, WiMAX or LTE are used for this purpose. A special device like a mobile dongle is provided which can be connected to your laptop or Desktop system to get access to internet. The best part of using mobile broadband is that you need not install a landline phone or to have a mobile phone. You can pay for how long you use or how much or a combination of sorts !

How Much Does It Cost?

The benefits of using a mobile broadband might force you to think about how heavy it would be on your pockets? Surprisingly it costs a lot less than what you think. It depends on your usage and the plan you take choose from your service provider. And above all you are spared of head on charges of getting a landline phone installed. There are three types of packages available:

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

In this service package (PAYG) you are provided with a dongle or a device to connect to your computer and then you are supposed to buy top ups as per your usage. Top ups are easily available at retail shops or you can purchase them online too. You can research and compare various plans at some of the top sites in the mobile broadband business.

Starter Kits

These are similar to PAYG deals but these provide you some extra data to be used within a stipulated time. These are useful for people who don’t want to get themselves in any contractual binding with mobile broadband service providers.

Contract Mobile Broadband

In this type of service package, you sign a time bound contract (say1-2 years) and you are provided device for connectivity free of cost along with some data access to be used within a stipulated time. If your usage exceeds the free data access you have, then you need to pay for excess broadband used. You can check your usage levels through a secure webpage provided to you. It is extremely beneficial for those who want to get an internet connection with a long term usage plan.

Mobile broadband is especially useful for students as they get internet connectivity at homes, in lectures and in discussion chambers. It is the need of the hour if you want to stay connected to rest of the world without having to worry about your location and position. Go, get your broadband connection now !

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